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  • Residents of other provinces are reminded the information is specific to Alberta, so they should contact their own agriculture departments for information more pertinent to their local conditions.
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Farm Buildings
Agdex No.TitleFormat
711-1Portable Windbreak Fences. 2002.htmlpdf
Farm Water
Agdex No.TitleFormat
716 (A01)Drought Proofing Farm Water Supplies. Revised 2018. -UPDATE-htmlpdf
716 (A10)Water Wells That Last Generations. Revised 2013.htmlpdfebook
716 (A15)Spring Development. 2002.htmlpdf
716 (A20)Small Earth Fill Dams. 2015. htmlpdf
Agdex No.TitleFormat
716 (B01)Quality Farm Dugouts. Revised 2015.htmlpdf
716 (B32)Seepage Control in Dugouts. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
716 (B34)Float Suspended Intake. Revised 2002.htmlpdf
716 (B36)Aeration of Dugouts or Ponds with Compressed Air. Revised 2008. htmlpdf
716 (B37)Hydrated Lime Treatment Improves Dugout Water Quality. Revised 2004.htmlpdf
485 / 716-1Constructing Dugouts for Fish. Revised 2005.htmlpdf
Water systems
Agdex No.TitleFormat
716 (C01)Farm Water Supply Requirements. Revised 2009.htmlpdf
716 (C10)Choosing a Water Pump. htmlpdf
716 (C11)Deep Well Jet Pumps. Revised 2008.htmlpdf
716 (C12)Shallow Well Jet Pumps. Revised 2005.htmlpdfmobile version
716 (C14)Submersible Pumps. Revised 2007.htmlpdf
716 (C28)Pump Houses. Revised 2008. htmlpdf
716 (C29)Pitless Adaptors. Revised 2012.htmlpdfmobile
716 (C31)Pressure Tanks. Revised 2005htmlpdf
716 (C44)Pasture Pipeline Design. Revised 2000.htmlpdf
716 (C51)Frost Free Yard Hydrants. Revised 2008.htmlpdf
716 (C52)Automatic Livestock Waterers. Revised 2008.htmlpdf
400 / 716 (C30)Remote Pasture Water Systems for Livestock. 2007. htmlpdf
400 / 716-2Water Analysis Interpretation for Livestock. Revised 2007.htmlpdf
400 / 716-4Pasture Watering System: A Cost Comparison. 2003.pdf
Water analysis and treatment
Agdex No.TitleFormat
716 (D04)Chemical Analysis Interpretation of Rural Household Water Supplies. Revised 2015. htmlpdfmobile version
716 (D11)Alternatives for Iron Removal. Revised 2015. htmlpdf
716 (D12)Shock Chlorination and Control of Iron Bacteria. Revised 2007.htmlpdf
716 (D14)Removing Hydrogen Sulphide from Water. Revised 2008.htmlpdf
716 (D18)Dissolved Gases in Well Water. Revised 2006. htmlpdf
716 (D32)Water Softening. Revised 2011.htmlpdf
716 (D36)Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment. Revised 2012.htmlpdfmobile
716 (D43)Small Water Filters for Taste, Odour and Sediment Removal. Revised 2011. htmlpdf
716 (D62)Water Distillers. Revised 2011. htmlpdf
716 (D63)Methane Gas in Well Water. 2006. htmlpdf
400 / 716-1Water Requirements for Livestock. Revised 2005.htmlpdf
400 / 716-2Water Analysis Interpretation for Livestock. Revised 2007. htmlpdf
400 / 716-4Pasture Watering System: A Cost Comparison. 2003.pdf
Livestock Buildings and Equipment
Agdex No.TitleFormat
720-1Evaluating Livestock Housing Environments: Principles of Measuring Indoor Air Quality. 2007.pdf
720-2Evaluating Livestock Housing Environments: Instruments for Measuring Indoor Air Quality. 2007. pdf
720-3Evaluating Livestock Housing Environments: Optimizing Ventilation Performance. 2007. pdf
721-7Milkhouse Floors.htmlpdf
724-6Fencing with Electricity. $10.00.purchase info
726-1Silo Gas (N02) Safety. 2004.htmlpdf
729-1Earthen Manure Storage Seepage. 2001.htmlpdf
729-2Methane (CH4) Safety. 2004.htmlpdf
729-3Solid-Liquid Separation of Livestock Manure. 2008. hardcopy only
729-4Ammonia Emissions from Confined Feeding Operations (CFOs): Control and Mitigation. 2008. htmlpdf
420 / 721-1Bedding Without Straw. Revised 2009.htmlpdf
420 / 723-1Corrals for Handling Beef Cattle. $12.00.purchase info
460 / 722-1Horse Handling Facilities. $15.00.purchase info
492 / 723-1Bison Handling Facilities. $15.00.purchase info
Crop Buildings and Equipment
Agdex No.TitleFormat
731-5Hobby Greenhouses in Alberta. $8.00.purchase info
732-15Home Vegetable Storage. $3.00.purchase info
736-13Management of Cereal Grain in Storage.htmlpdf
736-14Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Precooling for Market Gardeners in Alberta. 2002.htmlpdf
Field Machinery
Agdex No.TitleFormat
088-1Safe Transportation of Farm Equipment in Alberta. 2018. -NEW- pdf
740-4Shop Work Orders for Farm Machinery Repairs. Revised 2008. htmlpdf
743-1Liquid Manure Injection Systems: Performance Evaluation. 2005.htmlpdf
743-2Calculating the Application Rate of a Manure Applicator and Why. 2010.htmlpdf
743-3Utilizing Highway Right of Ways and Culverts to Accommodate Manure Draglines. Revised 2018 -NEW-htmlpdf
743-4Manure Application Equipment and Road Use Requirements. 2018 -NEW-htmlpdf
Farm Power
Agdex No.TitleFormat
768-1Anaerobic Digesters. Revised 2008. htmlpdf
768-2Anaerobic Digesters: Frequently Asked Questions. Revised 2014.htmlpdfmobile
768-3Biogas Energy Potential in Alberta. Revised 2011.htmlpdf
768-4Integrating Biogas, Confined Feedlot Operations and Ethanol Production. Revised 2014htmlpdf
768-5Biogas: Cleaning and Uses. 2008. htmlpdf
769-1Farm Fuel Storage and Handling. 2008.htmlpdf
452 / 771-1Save Hundreds on Your Energy Costs: Lighting for Broiler Chicken Barns. 2003.pdf

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