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  • All free factsheets listed are available online (see hypertext links).
  • Hard copies (limit of 10 per title) are available to Alberta residents by using the online order form or by calling 780-427-0391.
  • Residents of other provinces are reminded the information is specific to Alberta, so they should contact their own agriculture departments for information more pertinent to their local conditions.
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Weather and Climate

Agdex No.TitleFormat
070-1Weather Forecasting and Terminology. 2001.pdf
075-1Protection Against Frost Damage.pdf
075-2Freezing Date Probabilities. Revised 1998.pdf
075-3Improving Pasture Productivity. Revised 2006.pdf
590-1Soil Temperature for Germination.pdf
590-2Soil Temperature and Direct Seeding. Revised 1999.pdf

Health and Safety

Agdex No.TitleFormat
086-2Hydrogen Sulphide Emissions and Safety. 2004.pdf
086-3Safety for Aging Farmers. 2004.pdf
086-4Handling Livestock Safely. 2004.pdf
086-5Dust Control for Livestock Buildings. 2004.pdf
086-6Ammonia Emissions and Safety. Revised 2006.pdf
086-8Respiratory Protection for Producers. 2005.pdf
086-9Fire - Compost and Organic Matter. 2006. pdf
088-1Safe Transportation of Farm Equipment in Alberta. 2018. -NEW-pdf
089 / 400-2Antimicrobial Spray Treatment of Red Meat in Small Abattoirs. 2013. mobile versionpdf
268 / 089-1Commercial Microgreens: Food Safety and Third-party Certifications . 2018 -NEW-pdf
729-2Methane (CH4) Safety. 2004.pdf

Food Safety

Agdex No.TitleFormat
DVD 089/845-1Safe Food Practices for Small Processors - DVD. $20.00purchase info
089 / 845-2Farm Direct Marketing Eggs: What You Need to Know. 2012.htmlpdfmobile


Agdex No.TitleFormat
096-9AOPA Application Process - Where Neighbours Fit In. 2011. pdf
096-10 AOPA Complaint Process - Where Neighbours Fit In. 2011. pdf
096-11AOPA Application Process: Statements of Concern. 2013. pdf
Environmental Practices
090-1Beneficial Management Practices: Environmental Manual for Alberta Farmsteads. 2006.pdf
090-2Use of Fertilizers, Manures and Pesticides for Sustainable Farm Management. 2008.pdf
090-3An Introduction to Phosphorus Beneficial Management Practices. 2015. pdf
090-4Phosphorus Sources and Movement. 2015. pdf
092-1Odour Management Plan for Alberta Livestock Producers. 2012. pdf
100 / 25-1Beneficial Management Practices: Environmental Manual for Crop Producers. 2004.pdf
400 / 092-1Shelterbelts for Livestock Farms in Alberta: Overview. 2014. pdf
400 / 092-2 Shelterbelts for Livestock Farms in Alberta: Planning, Planting and Maintenance. 2014. pdf
400 / 092-3Shelterbelts for Livestock Farms in Alberta: Shelterbelt Planning Workbook. 2014.pdf
400 / 28-1Managing Livestock Manure. 2008. pdf
400 / 28-2Beneficial Management Practices: Environmental Manual for Livestock Producers in Alberta. 2010.pdf
400 / 28-3Nutrient Management Planning Guide. 2011.pdf
400 / 28-4 Relocation of Livestock Facilities Planning Guide. 2015. pdf
420 / 580-2Cattle Wintering Sites: Managing for Good Stewardship. 2001.pdf
Environmental Legislation
096-12008 Agricultural Operation Practice Act Reference Guide.pdf
096-2Permits and Regulations for Existing Operations. Revised 2015.pdf
096-3Manure Management Record Keeping Regulations. Revised 2013.pdf
096-4Wintering Sites and Livestock Corrals. Revised 2015.pdf
096-5Manure Spreading Regulations. Revised 2015.pdf
096-6Manure Management Regulations for Cow/Calf Producers. Revised 2007.pdf
096-7 Manure Management Regulations for Horse Owners. Revised 2012. pdf
096-8 Manure Characteristics and Land Base Code. Revised 2013.pdf
096-12 Municipalities and the AOPA. 2007.pdf
Technical Guidelines
096-50Reclamation of Groundwater Monitoring Wells. Revised 2018. -UPDATE- pdf
Monitoring Well Reclamation Worksheet - supplement to 096-50pdf
096-51Monitoring Well Construction, Installation and Development. Revised 2018.-UPDATE- pdf
096-52Leak Detection Groundwater Monitoring Parameters. Revised 2018. -UPDATE-pdf
096-53Leak Detection Groundwater Sampling. Revised 2018. -UPDATE-pdf
096-61Determining Equivalent Protective Layers and Constructed Liners. 2013.pdf
096-70Definitions for Frozen and Snow-covered Land. 2016.pdf
096-81Calculator for Determining Livestock Capacity of Operations as They Existed on January 1, 2002. 2016. pdf
096-90 Closure of Manure Storage Facilities and Manure Collection Areas. Revised 2018. -UPDATE-
Manure Storage/Collection Area Closure Worksheet - supplement to 096-90

096-91Temporary Suspension of Manure Storage Facilities. Revised 2018. -UPDATE-pdf
096-93Non-Engineered Concrete Liners for Manure Collection and Storage Areas. 2015.pdf
096-94Identifying Manure Storage Facilities and Manure Collection Areas at Confined Feeding Operations. 2018. -NEW-pdf
096-100Technical Guidelines Listing. 2018. -UPDATE-pdf
Beneficial Management Practices
096-101Catch Basin Design and Management. 2012.pdf

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