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  • All free factsheets listed are available online (see hypertext links).
  • Hard copies (limit of 10 per title) are available to Alberta residents by using the online order form or by calling 780-427-0391.
  • Residents of other provinces are reminded the information is specific to Alberta, so they should contact their own agriculture departments for information more pertinent to their local conditions.
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Agdex No.TitleFormat
606-1Crop Protection 2019 (the "blue book") $12.00 - NEW - purchase info
606-2How Herbicides Work - Biology to Application. $35.00purchase info
Entomology and Beekeeping

Agdex No.TitleFormat
616-4Beekeeping in Western Canada. $25.00purchase info
616-23Beekeeping for Beginners.htmlpdf
616-24Honey Bees and Winterkill. 2007.htmlpdf
616 / 830-1Commercial Honey Industry. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
821-62Economics of Beekeeping in Alberta 2016. Issued 2017.htmlpdf
Plant Insects
(NOTE: for insect problems in specific crops see the CROPS or HORTICULTURE sections).
Agdex No.TitleFormat
620-3Natural Enemies of Field Crop Insect Pests in Alberta.htmlpdf
622-5Control of Clover Mites. Revised 2010.htmlpdf
622-17Spotted Alfalfa Aphid. Revised 2017.htmlpdf
622-19Diamondback Moth. Revised 2014. htmlpdfmobile
622-20Lygus Bugs in Canola. 1999.htmlpdf
622-21Cabbage Seedpod Weevil. Revised 2014.htmlpdf
622-22Wheat Midge. 2001.htmlpdf
622-23Cabbage Maggot.htmlpdf
622-24Grasshoppers: Life Cycle, Damage Assessment and Management Strategy. 2002.htmlpdf
622-25Bertha Armyworm. Revised 2014. htmlpdfmobile
622-26Wheat Stem Sawfly. Revised 2008.htmlpdf
622-27Grasshopper Management. 2003.htmlpdf
622-28Potato Psyllid. 2014htmlpdfmobile version
622-29Cereal Leaf Beetle. 2014htmlpdfmobile version
622-30Pea Leaf Weevil. 2014htmlpdfmobile version
622-31Aster Yellows and Aster Leafhopper. 2014htmlpdfmobile version
622-32Wireworm. 2014htmlpdfmobile version
622-33Lesser Grain Borer. 2014htmlpdfmobile version
625-3Cabbage Thrips in Alberta. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
625-4Colorado Potato Beetle: Effective Chemical Control. 2006. htmlpdf
121 / 620-1Insects Associated with Alfalfa Seed Production.htmlpdf
140 / 620-1Economic Thresholds for Insects Attacking Oilseeds. 2014.htmlpdfmobile version
519-19Controlling Canola Insect Pests in Direct Seeding Systems. 1999.htmlpdf
Plant Diseases
(NOTE: for disease problems in specific crops see the CROPS or HORTICULTURE sections).
Agdex No.TitleFormat
630-1Yellows Diseases of Echinacea, Monarda and Caraway.htmlpdf
630-2Diseases of Echinacea on the Canadian Prairies. 1999.htmlpdf
636-1Fireblight. Revised 2016. htmlpdf
110 / 632-1Fusarium Head Blight of Barley and Wheat. Revised 2003.htmlpdf
110 / 632-3Alberta Fusarium graminearum Management Plan. Revised 2012. htmlpdf
112 / 632-3Wheat Streak Mosaic in Alberta and its Control.htmlpdf
140 / 638-1Clubroot Disease of Canola and Mustard. Revised 2015.htmlpdf
140 / 638-2Alberta Clubroot Management Plan. Revised 2014.htmlpdf
149 / 632-3Blackleg of Canola.htmlpdf
149 / 632-4Disease Forecasting for Sclerotinia White Stem Rot in Canola. Revised 2007. htmlpdf
200 / 630-1Emerging Virus and Viroid Disease Risks on Greenhouse Crops. 2018. -NEW-htmlpdf
256 / 635-1Managing Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus in Alberta Greenhouses. 2016. htmlpdf
258 / 635-5Understanding Bacterial Ring Rot in Potatoes. 1998.htmlpdf
519-9Controlling Wheat Diseases in Direct Seeding Systems. Revised 1999.htmlpdf
519-13Controlling Barley Diseases in Direct Seeding Systems. Revised 1999.htmlpdf
519-23Controlling Field Pea Diseases in Direct Seeding Systems. Revised 2009. htmlpdf

(NOTE: for weed problems in specific crops see the CROPS or HORTICULTURE sections).
Agdex No.Title
640-4Weeds of the Prairies. $25.00.purchase info
640-6Scentless Chamomile: Biology and Control. Revised 2007. htmlpdf
640-9Weed Seedling Guide (2nd Edition). $10.00. Revised 2016.purchase info
640-10Common Winter Annual Weeds in Alberta.hardcopy only
640-11Invasive Plants in Alberta: Aquatic Systems. 2014.htmlpdf
640-12Invasive Plants in Alberta: Riparian Areas. 2014. htmlpdf
640-13Invasive Plants in Alberta: Herbicide Resistance. 2014. htmlpdf
640-14Invasive Plants in Alberta: Acreages. 2014. htmlpdf
640-15Invasive Plants in Alberta: Forages and Hay Land. 2014. htmlpdf
640-16Invasive Plants in Alberta: Urban Areas . 2014. htmlpdf
640-17Invasive Plants in Alberta: Transportation of Equipment. 2014.htmlpdf
640-18Invasive Plants in Alberta: Fencelines and Road Allowances. 2014.htmlpdf
640-19Invasive Plants in Alberta: Horticulture Industry. 2014. htmlpdf
640-20Invasive Plants in Alberta: Organic Systems. 2014. htmlpdf
640-21Invasive Plants in Alberta: Native Rangeland. 2014. htmlpdf
641-1Biological Control of Weeds on the Prairies. 2000.htmlpdf
641-14Water Quality for Mixing Herbicides. 2003.htmlpdf
641-15Control Options for Downy Brome on Prairie Reclamation Sites. Revised 2007. htmlpdf
642-3Integrated Weed Management Principles: Reducing the Risk of Crop Failure. 2004.htmlpdf
258 / 642-1Guide to Weed Control in Potatoes. Revised 2007. htmlpdf
275 / 641-1Weed Management in Tree Nurseries. Revised 2007.htmlpdf
277 / 645-1Weed Control for Alberta Shelterbelts. Revised 2007. htmlpdf
519-15Foxtail Barley Control in Direct Seeding Systems. 2007.htmlpdf
519-27Controlling Quackgrass in Direct Seeding Systems. 2000. htmlpdf
Animal Insects & Parasites
(NOTE: for insect problems in specific livestock and poultry enterprises see LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION section).
Agdex No.TitleFormat
651-6Black Fly Control.htmlpdf
655-4Hookworms in Dogs. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
655-5Tapeworms in Cats. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
655-6Giardia in Cats. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
655-7Bladder-worm (Beef Measles) in Cattle. Revised 2005.htmlpdf
655-8Liver Flukes in Alberta's Livestock. 2001.htmlpdf
655-9Intestinal Roundworms of Cattle. 2004.htmlpdf
655-10Tapeworms (Cysticercosis) in Swine. 2005.htmlpdf
655-11Balantidium in Swine. 2006. htmlpdf
655-12Parasites in Dogs: Tapeworms. 2007.htmlpdf
663-31Giardia in Dogs. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
400 / 651-1A Guide for the Control of Flies in Alberta Confined Feeding Operations. 2008.htmlpdf
420 / 651-1Warble Control in Alberta.htmlpdf
481 / 655-1Hydatid (Cystic) Disease in Alberta's Game-Farmed Elk. 2004.htmlpdf
485 / 655-1Flatworm Cysts in Fish: the North American River Fluke. 2004.htmlpdf
485 / 655-11Fish Tapeworm in Man. 2005.htmlpdf
Animal Diseases and Poisoning
(NOTE: for disease problems in specific livestock and poultry enterprises see LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION section).
Agdex No.TitleFormat
655-11Balantidium in Swine. 2006.htmlpdf
663-15Johne's Disease. Revised 2015.htmlpdfmobile
663-16Coccidiosis in Cattle. Revised 2007.htmlpdf
663-30Chorioptic Mange in Cattle. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
663-31Giardia in Dogs. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
663-32Coccidiosis in Dogs. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
663-33Mange in Cattle: Demodectic Mange. Revised 2005.htmlpdf
663-34Trichomoniasis in Birds. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
663-35Coccidiosis in Chickens. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
663-36Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT) in Poultry. Revised 2014. htmlpdf
663-40Lead Poisoning in Cattle.htmlpdf
663-42Foot and Mouth Disease. 2001.htmlpdf
663-43Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) of Elk and Deer. Revised 2017. htmlpdf
663-44Malignant Catarrhal Fever in Bison and Sheep. 2002.htmlpdf
663-45West Nile Virus. Revised 2012.htmlpdfmobile
663-46Avian Influenza. Revised 2014.htmlpdf
663-47Sarcoptic Mange in Cattle. 2005.htmlpdf
663-48Anthrax - What You Need to Know. Revised 2012.htmlpdfmobile
666-2Poisonous Outdoor Plants.htmlpdfe-book
666-5Moldy Feed and Reproductive Failure in Cows. Revised 2003.htmlpdf
460 / 661-2Horse Health. $15.00.purchase info
Rodents and Pests
Agdex No.TitleFormat
682-1History of Rat Control in Alberta. Revised 2017htmlpdf
682-2Rat Control in Alberta. Revised 2017. htmlpdf
683Mice and their Control.htmlpdf
684-1Control of Pocket Gophers and Ground Squirrels. Revised 2008. htmlpdf
684-2Managing Richardson's Ground Squirrels. Revised 2012.htmlpdfmobile
684-5Biology and Control of Skunks. Revised 2016.htmlpdf
684-7Protecting Livestock from Predation with Electric Fences. htmlpdf
684-11Control of Porcupine Damage. Revised 2005.htmlpdf
684-12Control of Rabbit and Hares. Revised 2005.htmlpdf
684-14Methods of Investigating Predation of Livestock. $8.00purchase info
684-16Prevention and Control of Raccoon Damage.htmlpdf
684-17Using Electric Fences to Protect Stored Hay from Elk and Deer.htmlpdf
684-19Coyote Predation of Livestock. $8.00.purchase info
685-3An Improved Magpie Trap. Revised 2005.htmlpdf
685-6Starlings and Their Control. Revised 2015.htmlpdf
685-8House Sparrows and Their Control. Revised 2015.htmlpdf
450 / 684-1Prevention of Predator Damage in Poultry Flocks. 2000.htmlpdf
485 / 685-1Predator Damage Control in Cultured Fish. 1999.htmlpdf

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