A Guide for the Control of Flies in Alberta Confined Feeding Operations (CFOs)

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 This guide is designed to increase understanding of the importance of fly control for reducing the risk of nuisance complaints. It is intended to assist CFO owners or operators in designing and implementing a fly management program specific to their operation. This guide provides:
  • knowledge of fly biology,
  • identification of common fly species found in Alberta CFOs, and
  • management options for fly control.
The provided checklists are a tool for CFO owners or operators to help identify sites where flies may be breeding on their operation. They can also be used as weekly cleanup and maintenance schedules for key fly breeding habitats. Please feel free to download and use the checklists as part of a fly management program.

Links to the Fly Control Fact Sheets:

Checklist for Fly Control in Poultry Facilities
Checklist for Fly Control on Hog Operations
Checklist for Fly Control on Dairy Operations
Checklist for Fly Control on Cattle Feedlots
Checklist for Fly Control in Horse Facilities and Other Small Livestock Operations
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