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Agdex 732-15

Anyone wishing to store home-grown or bulk-purchased vegetables will find Home Vegetable Storage helpful. It outlines the basic storage requirements such as:
    • temperature
    • humidity
    • ventilation
    • compatibility
The book describes the four types of storage methods and tells you how to prepare vegetables for storage. It also tells you how to recognize and prevent the various diseases and disorders that can spoil your vegetables. It shows you how to build small root cellars and basement cold rooms.

14 pages

Copies of this book may be purchased by:

  • Online credit card purchase, click here.
  • Cheque or money order, please complete the order form and send it to our Publications Office.
  • Calling 780-427-0391 (payment made using automated system and telephone keypad).
Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Vegetable Storage Requirements
  • Types of Storage
  • Storing Vegetables
    • Sanitation
    • Preparing Vegetables for Storage
    • Curing
    • Storage Diseases
  • Construction Details
    • Small Root Cellar
    • Basement Cold Room
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