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  • Most of the fact sheets (FS) in the following list are available on-line, as indicated by hypertext links.
  • Hard copies are available to Alberta residents by using the online order form or by calling 780-427-0391.
  • Persons outside Alberta are asked to contact their own agriculture authorities for information more pertinent to their local conditions.
Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS100/22-1Using 1,000-Kernel Weight for Calculating Seeding Rates and Harvest Losses. Revised 2007. htmlpdf
100/25-1Beneficial Management Practices: Environmental Manual for Crop Producers in Alberta. 2004.htmlpdf
FS100/32Varieties of Cereal and Oilseed Crops for Alberta 2015. (Annual). htmlpdf
FS100/32-1Irrigated Crop Recommendations. Revised 2008. htmlpdf
FS100/52-1Bale Silage. 2003.htmlpdf
FS100/515-1Pea-wheat Rotation in Southern Alberta. htmlpdf
FS100/541-1Fertilizer Requirements of Irrigated Grain and Oilseed Crops.
Revised 2013. -UPDATE-
htmlpdfmobile version
FS100/561-1Crop Water Use and Requirements. Revised 2011. htmlpdf
FS100/561-2Optimum Seeding Date and Rates for Irrigated Grain and Oilseed Crops. 2011.htmlpdf
Grain Crops
Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS110/632-1Fusarium Head Blight of Barley and Wheat. Revised 2003.htmlpdf
110/632-3Alberta Fusarium graminearum Management Plan. Revised 2012. htmlpdfmobile version
Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS111/561-1Irrigation Scheduling for Silage Corn in Southern Alberta. 2012. htmlpdfmobile version
Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS112/10-1Agronomic Management of Winter Wheat in Alberta. 2007.htmlpdf
FS112/10-2Dryland Agronomic Management of Soft White Spring Wheat and Canada Spring Wheat in Alberta. 2013. -NEW-htmlpdfmobile version
FS112/11-1Winter Wheat in the Parkland Area of Alberta. Revised 2012.htmlpdfmobile version
FS112/20-4High Protein Wheat Production. Revised 2008.htmlpdf
FS112/541-1Fertilizing Irrigated Soft White Spring Wheat.htmlpdf
FS112/542-1Fertilizing Winter Wheat in Southern Alberta. 2000.htmlpdf
FS112/561-1Irrigation Scheduling for Winter Wheat in Southern Alberta. 2011.htmlpdfmobile version
FS112/561-2Irrigation Scheduling for Spring Wheat in Southern Alberta. 2011. htmlpdf
FS112/632-3Wheat Streak Mosaic in Alberta and its Control.htmlpdf
Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS114/20-2Malting Barley. Revised 2009. htmlpdf.
FS114/50-1Harvesting Hulless Barley. Revised 1999.htmlpdf
FS114/61-1Storage of High Moisture Barley. Revised 1999.htmlpdf
FS114/540-1Optimizing Barley Silage Production in Alberta. 2000.htmlpdf
FS114/540-2Agronomic and Fertilizer Management of Barley in Alberta. 2008.htmlpdf
FS114/561-1Irrigation Scheduling for Barley in Southern Alberta. 2011. htmlpdf
Agdex No.TitleFormat
117/20-1Fall Rye Production. Revised 2013. -UPDATE-htmlpdfmobile version
Other Grains
Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS118/10-1Dryland Agronomic Practices for Spring Triticale Production in Alberta. 2013.htmlpdfmobile version
FS118/20-1Triticale. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
FS118/20-2Common Buckwheat. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
Forage Crops

Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS120/15-1Growing Forage Legumes for Seed.htmlpdf
120/20-1Alberta Forage Manual. 2nd Edition. $30.00 purchase info
FS120/22-3Perennial Forage Establishment in Alberta. 2005.htmlpdf
FS120/32-1Silage Varieties for Alberta. 2015. (Annual)htmlpdf
120/52-2Silage Manual. $15.00purchase info
FS538/120-1Applying Manure on Perennial Forage: A Summary. 2006. htmlpdf
538/120-2Applying Manure on Perennial Forage. 2006.htmlpdf
Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS121/531-5Soil and Nutrient Management of Alfalfa. 2005.htmlpdf
FS121/561-1Irrigation Scheduling for Alfalfa Hay in Southern Alberta. 2011.htmlpdf
FS121/620-1Insects Associated with Alfalfa Seed Production.htmlpdf
FS122/15-1Red Clover Seed Production in Alberta.htmlpdf
123/20-2Legume Green Manuring. 1993.html
Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS127/15-1Creeping Red Fescue Seed Production in the Peace River Region. 2000.html pdf
FS127/15-2Timothy Seed Production in Western Canada. 2004.htmlpdf
FS127/15-3Tall Fescue Seed Production in Western Canada. 2005.htmlpdf
FS127/20-1Perennial Ryegrass Seed Production in Western Canada. 2004.htmlpdf
FS127/50-1Harvesting Grass Seed.htmlpdf
FS127/541-1Fertilizing Grass for Hay and Pasture. 2005.htmlpdf
FS127/541-2Fertilizer and Nutrient Management of Timothy Hay. 2009.htmlpdf
FS127/561-1Irrigation Scheduling for Timothy Hay in Southern Alberta. 2011. htmlpdf
FS127/821-1Cost and Returns Budget for Straight Seeded Certified Timothy. 2001.htmlpdf
FS127/821-2Cost and Returns Budget for Creeping Red Fescue - Underseeded to Canola. 2001.htmlpdf
FS127/821-3Cost and Returns Budget for Straight Seeded Creeping Red Fescue. 2001.htmlpdf
FS127/821-4Cost and Returns Budget for Certified Timothy Seed Production Underseeded to Barley. 2001.htmlpdf
FS127/821-5Cost and Returns Budget for Irrigated Perennial Ryegrass - Underseeded to Durum Wheat. 2001.htmlpdf
Pastures and Ranges
Agdex No.TitleFormat
130/10-1Alberta Tame Pasture Scorecard. 2004.htmlpdf
FS130/14-1Range and Pasture Management When Dealing with Drought.htmlpdf
FS130/53-1Grazing Tame Pastures Effectively. Revised 1998.htmlpdf
FS130/538-1Nutrient Management on Intensively Managed Pastures. 2009.htmlpdf
FS133/20-1Winter Cereals for Pasture.htmlpdf
FS134/06Alberta Range Plants and Their Classification.htmlpdf
134/30-1Common Plants of the Western Rangelands - Volume 1: Grasses and Grass-like Plants. $25.00purchase info
134/30-2Common Plants of the Western Rangelands - Volume 2: Trees and Shrubs. $20.00purchase info
134/30-3Common Plants of the Western Rangelands - Volume 3: Forbs. $30.00purchase info
134/420-1Northern Range Plants. $25.00.purchase info
075-3Working with the Weather: Improving Pasture Productivity. Revised 2006.htmlpdf
580-2Growing Native Plants of Western Canada. $30.00htmlpdf
Oil and Seed Crops

Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS140/620-1Economic Thresholds for Insects Attacking Oilseeds. 2014. -NEW-htmlpdfmobile version
FS140/638-1Clubroot Disease of Canola and Mustard. Revised 2011. htmlpdfe-bookmobile version
140/638-2Alberta Clubroot Management Plan. Revised 2014. htmlpdf
FS149/22-1Alternative Date Seeding of Spring Canola. Revised 2000.htmlpdf
FS149/561-1Irrigation Scheduling for Canola in Southern Alberta. 2011.htmlpdf
FS149/632-3Blackleg of Canola. Revised 1997.htmlpdf
FS149/632-4Disease Forecasting for Sclerotinia White Stem Rot in Canola. Revised 2007. htmlpdf
Pulse Crops
Agdex No.TitleFormat
142/20-1Pulse Crops in Alberta. $25.00.purchase info
FS142/20-2Agronomic Management of Winter Pea and Winter Lentil in Alberta. 2013. -NEW-htmlpdfmobile version
FS142/21-1Land Rolling Guidelines for Pulse Crops in Western Canada. 2004.htmlpdf
FS142/22-1Faba Bean Seeding Management in Alberta. -NEW-htmlpdfmobile version
FS142/32-1Varieties of Pulse Crops for Alberta. 2015. Annual. htmlpdf
FS142/532-1Irrigated Dry Bean Nutrient Requirements for Southern Alberta. Revised 2013. -UPDATE-htmlpdfmobile version
FS142/532-2Pea Nutrient Requirements in Alberta. 2002.htmlpdf
FS142/561-1Irrigation Scheduling for Dry Bean in Southern Alberta. Revised 2011. htmlpdf
FS142/561-2Irrigation Scheduling for Pea in Southern Alberta. 2011.htmlpdf
Other Oil and Seed Crops
Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS143/20-1Mustard Production for Alberta. 2010.htmlpdf
FS147/20-1Canary Seed 1998.htmlpdf
FS147/20-2Coriander. Revised 2008. htmlpdf
FS147/20-4Caraway. Revised 2008. htmlpdf

Fibre Crops
Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS153/830-1Industrial Hemp Enterprise. 2000.htmlpdf
Sugar Crops
Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS171/561-1Irrigation Scheduling for Sugar Beet in Southern Alberta. Revised 2012htmlpdfmobile version
171/821-5Economics of Sugar Beet Production 2011. Issued 2013. -NEW-htmlpdf
Specialty Crops
Agdex No.TitleFormat
188/20-1Commercial Echinacea Production. $25.00purchase info
FS188/20-2Rhodiola rosea: A High Value Crop. 2010. htmlpdfmobile version
FS630-1Yellows Disease of Echinacea, Monarda and Caraway.htmlpdf
FS630-2Diseases of Echinacea on the Canadian Prairies.htmlpdf

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