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  • Most of the fact sheets (FS) in the following list are available on-line, as indicated by hypertext links.
  • Hard copies are available to Alberta residents by using the online order form or by calling 780-427-0391.
  • Persons outside Alberta are asked to contact their own agriculture authorities for information more pertinent to their local conditions.
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Agdex No.TitleFormat
134/30-1Common Plants of the Western Rangelands - Volume 1: Grasses and Grass-like Plants. $25.00purchase info
134/30-2Common Plants of the Western Rangelands - Volume 2: Trees and Shrubs. $20.00purchase info
134/30-3Common Plants of the Western Rangelands - Volume 3: Forbs. $30.00purchase info
200/15-1Commercial Greenhouse Production in Alberta. $8.00.purchase info
200/32-1Alberta Yards & Gardens: What to Grow. $15.00purchase info
200/47Judging and Exhibition Standards for Horticultural Shows. $12.00. purchase info
200/74-1Garden-fresh Produce: Picking, Preserving and Preparing. $4.00purchase info
270/24-1Pruning in Alberta. $3.00.purchase info
271/17-2Landscaping Alberta Yards. $3.00.purchase info
FS200/820-1An Introduction to the Fruit Wine Business in Alberta. Revised 2008. htmlpdf
FS200/830-1Commercial Cottage Wine Industry: Fruit Wine. 2006.htmlpdf
FS518-6High Salt Content in Garden Soil.htmlpdf
FS537-1Home Composting. Reprint of Environment Council of Alberta fact sheet.
731-5Hobby Greenhouses in Alberta. $8.00.purchase info
Small Fruits
Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS230/20-2Bush Fruit in Alberta. 1994.htmlpdf
FS230/20-3Beginning Berry Production. Revised 2008. htmlpdf
FS230/821-1Strawberry Profits. Revised 2004.htmlpdf
FS230/830-1Commercial Strawberry/Raspberry Industry. Ag Ventures. 1998.htmlpdf
DVD230/845-1Fruit: A Growing Industry in Alberta. DVD format. $20.00.purchase info
232/20-1Commercial Strawberry Production. $20.00purchase info
FS232/20-4Strawberries in Alberta. Revised 2012.htmlpdfmobile
FS236/20-1Currants and Gooseberries in Alberta. Revised 2000.htmlpdf
FS237/20-1Raspberries in Alberta. Revised 2000.htmlpdf
FS238/20-1Saskatoons in Alberta. Revised 2012. htmlpdfmobile
238/20-2Saskatoon Berry Production Manual. $15.00purchase info
238/821-2Economics of Saskatoon Berry Production: A 10 Acre Enterprise. 2008.htmlpdf
Agdex No.TitleFormat
250/13-1Commercial Vegetable Production on the Prairies. 2014. $20.00purchase info
FS250/830-1Fresh Vegetable Market Gardening Industry. Ag Ventures. Revised 2008. htmlpdf
FS250/830-2Commercial Greenhouse Vegetable Production. Ag Ventures. 2001.htmlpdf
FS254/20-2White Asparagus Production in Alberta. 2002.htmlpdf
257/15-1Commercial Greenhouse Bell Pepper Production in Alberta. $8.00purchase info
257/15-2Commercial Greenhouse Tomato Production in Alberta. $8.00purchase info
FS258/541-1Nutrient Recommendations for Russet Burbank Potatoes in Southern Alberta. Revised 2011.htmlpdf
FS258/561-1Irrigation Scheduling for Potato in Southern Alberta. 2011. htmlpdf
FS258/635-5Understanding Bacterial Ring Rot in Potatoes. 1998.htmlpdf
FS258/642-1Guide to Weed Control in Potatoes. Revised 2007.htmlpdf
732-15Home Vegetable Storage. $3.00.purchase info
Agdex No.TitleFormat
270/24-1Pruning in Alberta. $3.00.purchase info
271/17-2Landscaping Alberta Yards. $3.00.purchase info
FS273/14-1Lawn Care Tips. 2004.htmlpdf
FS275/07-1Browning of Evergreens. Revised 2002.htmlpdf
FS275/641-1Weed Management in Tree Nurseries. Revised 2007.htmlpdf
FS275/821-1Tree Nursery Profits. Revised 2007.htmlpdf
FS275/830-1Commercial Tree Nursery Industry. Ag Ventures. Revised 2006.htmlpdf
FS636-1Fireblight.. Revised 2007.htmlpdf
Agdex No.TitleFormat
FS277/20-2Shelterbelts in Alberta.htmlpdf
277/20-3Field Shelterbelts for Soil Conservation. Revised 2007.htmlpdf
277/33-1Shelterbelt Varieties for Alberta. $6.00.purchase info
FS277/645-1Weed Control for Alberta Shelterbelts. Revised 2007.htmlpdf
Agdex No.TitleFormat
200/47Judging and Exhibition Standards for Horticultural Shows. $12.00. purchase info

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