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  • Hard copies are available to Alberta residents by using the online order form or by calling 780-427-0391.
  • Persons outside Alberta are asked to contact their own agriculture authorities for information more pertinent to their local conditions.
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Farm Management
Agdex No.TitleFormat
811-2Identifying Alternatives - What are the Possibilities. Ag Alternatives. Revised 2003.htmlpdf
811-3Financial Feasibility: Can You Afford to Do it? Ag Alternatives. Revised 2003.htmlpdf
811-4Production Requirements: Do You Have the Resources? Ag Alternatives. Revised 2003.htmlpdf
811-5Decision Making: Will You Start a New Enterprise? Ag Alternatives. Revised 2003.htmlpdf
811-6Profitability: Will it Make Money? Revised 2003.htmlpdf
812-5Leasing Cropland in Alberta. $12.00 purchase info
812-18Use of Trusts in Farm Estate Planning. Ag-Succession. 2003.htmlpdf
812-21Community Supported Agriculture in Alberta. 2012. htmlpdfmobile version
814-1How to Select and Hire an Agronomist or Crop Advisor. 2010.htmlpdf
816-1Negotiating Cow Lease Arrangements. $5.00.purchase info
420 / 816-2Management Strategies for Cattle During Dry Conditions. Revised 2009. htmlpdf
848-5Marketing - Will it Sell? Ag Alternatives. 2000.htmlpdf
1834-9Finding Common Ground...Negotiating Agreements. $8.00.purchase info
1834-10Personal and Family Considerations: Where Do You Want to Be? Revised 2003.htmlpdf
Farm Law
Agdex No.TitleFormat
817-1Basic Design of a Lease Agreement for Cows. Revised 2004.htmlpdf
817-13Alberta Personal Property Security Act: What it Means to Farmers. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
817-14Questions and Answers About Farm Debt. Revised 2003.htmlpdf
Farm Accounting, Records, Business Analysis, Farm Office
Agdex No.TitleFormat
818-2First Steps to Energy Management. 2003.
Production Economics
Agdex No.TitleFormat
821-1Economics of Milk Production in Alberta (Dairy Cost Study) 2014. Issued 2015. htmlpdf
821-59Economics of Production and Marketing of Greenhouse Crops in Alberta. 2010. Issued 2011.htmlpdf
821-62Economics of Beekeeping in Alberta 2011. Issued 2013. htmlpdf
821-68The Economics of Conservation Farming in the Trochu Region of Alberta. 1995.
127 / 821-1Cost and Returns Budget for Straight Seeded Certified Timothy. 2001.htmlpdf
127 / 821-2Cost and Returns Budget for Creeping Red Fescue - Underseeded to Canola. 2001.htmlpdf
127 / 821-3Cost and Returns Budget for Straight Seeded Creeping Red Fescue. 2001.htmlpdf
127 / 821-4Cost and Returns Budget for Certified Timothy Seed Production Underseeded to Barley. 2001.htmlpdf
127 / 821-5Cost and Returns Budget for Irrigated Perennial Ryegrass - Underseeded to Durum Wheat. 2001.htmlpdf
171 / 821-5Economics of Sugar Beet Production in Alberta 2011. Issued 2013.htmlpdf
200 / 820-1An Introduction to the Fruit Wine Business in Alberta. Revised 2008.htmlpdf
230 / 821-1Strawberry Profits. Revised 2004.htmlpdf
238 / 821-2Economics of Saskatoon Berry Production: A 10 Acre Enterprise. 2008.htmlpdf
275 / 821-1Tree Nursery Profits. Revised 2007.htmlpdf
420 / 821-2Custom Grazing Profits...Intensive Grazing Enterprise. 2002.
Farm Labour and Labour Economics
Agdex No.TitleFormat
823-1Choosing a Consultant...An Investment in Your Agricultural Business. Ag-Strategies. 2004.htmlpdf
1834-40-1Supervision: Your Role as an Employer. 1991.
1834-40-2Recruiting and Hiring Farm Employees. 1991.
1834-40-3Training and Motivating Farm Employees. 1991.
Agri-business, Finance
Agdex No.TitleFormat
832-2Working With Your Lenders - Keep Them in the Loop. Revised 2009. htmlpdf
Business Development
Agdex No.TitleFormat
153 / 830-1Industrial Hemp Enterprise. Revised 2015.htmlpdf
200 / 830-1Commercial Cottage Wine Industry: Fruit Wine. 2006. htmlpdf
230 / 830-1Commercial Strawberry/Raspberry Industry. Ag Ventures. 1998.htmlpdf
250 / 830-1Fresh Vegetable Market Gardening Industry. Ag Ventures. Revised 2008.htmlpdf
250 / 830-2Commercial Greenhouse Vegetable Production. Ag Ventures. 2001.htmlpdf
275 / 830-1Commercial Tree Nursery Industry. Ag Ventures. Revised 2006. htmlpdf
300 / 830-1Private Woodlot Enterprises. Ag Ventures. 2003htmlpdf
450 / 830-1Pasture Poultry Industry. 2000.htmlpdf
460 / 830-1Commercial Horse Boarding Stable Industry. Ag Ventures. Revised 2004.htmlpdf
485 / 830-1Fresh Water Aquaculture Industry. Revised 2006.htmlpdf
616 / 830-1Commercial Honey Industry. Ag Ventures. Revised 2001.htmlpdf
Agdex No.TitleFormat
400 / 837-1Understanding the Federal Tax Deferral. Revised 2009.htmlpdf
Agdex No.TitleFormat
844-1Farm Direct Marketing: Know the Regulations – General Legislation. 2014. -NEW-htmlpdf
844-2Farm Direct Marketing: Know the Regulations – Food Labels. 2014. -NEW-htmlpdf
844-3Farm Direct Marketing: Know the Regulations – Food Claims. 2014. -NEW-htmlpdf
844-4Farm Direct Marketing: Know the Regulations – Meat and Meat Products. 2014. -NEW-htmlpdf
844-5Farm Direct Marketing: Know the Regulations – Poultry and Poultry Products. 2014. -NEW-htmlpdf
844-6Farm Direct Marketing: Know the Regulations – Fruits, Vegetables and Products. 2014. -NEW-htmlpdf
845-1Essentials of Pricing. Ag Strategies. Revised 2009. htmlpdf
845-2Methods to Price Your Products. Ag Strategies. Revised 2009. htmlpdf
845-3Pricing Processed Food Products. Ag Strategies. 1999.htmlpdf
845-4Pricing Horticulture Products. Ag Strategies. 1999.htmlpdf
845-5Food Brokers. Ag Strategies. Revised 2003.htmlpdf
845-6Farm Direct Marketing for Rural Producers. Revised 2013. -UPDATED-htmlpdfmobile version
845-9Management Considerations in Agricultural Contracting. Ag Strategies. 2002.htmlpdf
845-10Managing Risk for Farm Direct and Ag Tourism Ventures. 2003.htmlpdf
845-11Business Basics for Alberta Food Processors. Revised 2012.htmlpdfebook
845-12Organic Agriculture: Getting Started. Revised 2013. -UPDATE-.htmlpdfmobile version
845-13Direct Marketing Meats...Getting Started. 2005.htmlpdf
845-14Value Chains for New Markets. 2010. htmlpdf
845-15Farmers' Market Decision Making Tool. 2012. pdfebook
845-16Organizing Local Food Events in Alberta. 2012. htmlpdfmobile version
845-17Selling Local Food Directly to Foodservice and Hospitality. 2012. htmlpdfmobile version
CD 845-18Agri-food Value Chains - Global Links. 2006.
845-20Selling Local Food Directly to Institutions and Schools. 2013. htmlpdfmobile version
845-21Starting an Alberta Approved Farmers' Market. 2013. htmlpdfmobile version
845-22Promoting Your Alberta Approved Farmers' Market. 2013.htmlpdfmobile version
845-23Evaluating Your Alberta Approved Farmers' Market. 2013.htmlpdfmobile version
845-24Pricing: Moving from Farmers' Market to Retail Sales. 2015. -NEW-htmlpdf
845-25Pricing Meat Products: An Introduction. 2015. -NEW-htmlpdf
846-1Developing a Promotional Plan. Revised 2008. htmlpdf
846-2Social Media Marketing Guide. 2015. -NEW-htmlpdf
848-5Marketing - Will it Sell? Ag Alternatives. Revised 2003.htmlpdf
848-6Market Research. Ag Strategies. 2003.htmlpdf
420 / 843-1Feedlot Movement Requirements. 2010. htmlpdf
420 / 843-2Traceability and Transporting Alberta Cattle. 2013. htmlpdfmobile version
430 / 843-1Traceability and Transporting Alberta Sheep. 2013. htmlpdfmobile version
460 / 843-1Traceability and Transporting Alberta Horses. 2013. htmlpdfmobile
DVD 089/845-1Safe Food Practices for Small Processors. DVD Format. $40.00purchase info
089 / 845-2Farm Direct Marketing Eggs: What You Need to Know. 2012. htmlpdf
DVD 230/845-1Fruit: A Growing Industry in Alberta. DVD format. $20.00.purchase info
400 / 845-1Direct Marketing Meats...Selling Meat at Alberta Approved Farmers' Markets. 2005.htmlpdf
420 / 845-1Direct Marketing Meats...Selling Freezer Beef. 2005.htmlpdf
430 / 845-1Direct Marketing Meats...Selling Freezer Lambs. 2005.htmlpdf
430 / 845-2Direct Marketing Meats...Selling Lambs at Alberta Approved Farmers' Markets. 2005.htmlpdf
440 / 845-1Direct Marketing Meats...Selling Freezer Pork. 2005.htmlpdf
450 / 845-1Direct Marketing Meats...Selling Freezer Chicken. 2005.htmlpdf
Agriculture Statistics
Agdex No.TitleFormat
852-62011 Census of Agriculture for Alberta. I.D., M.D., and County Data by
Land-use Region. Issued 2014.
852-72011 Census of Agriculture for Alberta. Provincial Highlights. 2012. pdf
853Agriculture Statistics Factsheet. 2014.htmlpdf
Farm Policy
Agdex No.TitleFormat
878-1Negotiating Surface Rights. Revised 2009. htmlpdfmobile version
878-4Pipelines in Alberta: What Farmers Need to Know. Revised 2009. htmlpdfmobile version
878-5Seismic Operations and Landowners' Rights. Revised 2012.htmlpdfmobile version
Family Business Management
Agdex No.TitleFormat
1834-9Finding Common Ground...Negotiating Agreements. $8.00.purchase info
1834-10Personal and Family Considerations: Where do You Want to be? Revised 2003.htmlpdf

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