Leasing Cropland in Alberta

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Whether you are a landlord with cropland to lease or a farmer looking to expand your operation without the large capital investment associated with purchasing land, the fifth edition of Leasing Cropland in Alberta is worth reading. This updated book looks at many aspects of leasing and serves as a guide for setting up a lease that is suitable to both the landlord and the tenant. Included in this 50-page book is a sample lease agreement.

Agdex 812-5

This book also helps you:
  • identify the advantages and disadvantages of leasing
  • understand the different types of leases
  • become familiar with the terms used in lease agreements
  • negotiate a lease
  • step through the legal issues of leasing
  • consider the tax implications
  • determine how government programs affect leases
  • establish rental rates

Copies of this book may be purchased by:
  • Calling 780-427-0391.
  • Cheque or money order, please complete the order form and send it to our Publications Office.
  • On-line credit card purchase by accessing the on-line sales website.
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This information published to the web on April 27, 2001.
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