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 This information provides extension on commercial agriculture issues from around the province. FAQs were initiated to enhance the services provided by the Ag-Info Centre outside regular hours of operation. The contact centre is an information resource for crops, beef, forage, business management, irrigated and specialty crops and new ventures. For more information on these articles contact the Ag-Info Centre at 310-FARM (3276).

Crops | Disease/insects/pests | Soil Fertility | Livestock health | Livestock management | Livestock nutrition | Forage management | Forage quality | Farm management | Horticulture/Irrigation | Food processing | Marketing | Starting a business

Canola Harvest Timing
Cereal/Pea or Spring Cereal/Winter Cereal Intercropping
Desiccation or Pre-Harvest Glyphosate Application
Fall Seeding of Winter Cereals
Grain Drying
Grain Storage
Land Rolling Pulse and Silage Crops
Spring Termination of Hayland


Black Grass Bugs
Cabbage Seedpod Weevil
Cereal Leaf Disease
Clubroot of Canola
Cutworm Control
Flea Beetle
Flea Beetle Forecast and Control
Fusarium Head Blight
FHB and Irrigation Management
Grasshoppers - Controlling
Herbicide Application
Herbicide Resistance in Weeds
Lygus Bug
Minimize Stored Grain Pest Problems with Bin Preparation & Treatments
Pea Leaf Weevil
Phosphine Fumigation
Seedling Blight
Stripe Rust, Puccinia striiformis
Stored Grain Insects Mites and Molds
Use of New Seed Treatments for Cereal and Oilseed Crops
Wheat Midge
Wheat Stem Sawfly
Winter Annual and Perennial Weed Control
Wireworm Control

Soil Fertility

Anhydrous Ammonia & Urea Fertilization: Myths & Facts
Can I Broadcast Nitrogen Fertilizer in the Winter
Fall Fertilization
Finding Land Classifications
Improving Soil Fertility with Green Manure Legume Crops
Manure Application
Nitrogen Management Strategies in Dry Conditions
Seed-Placed Fertilizer

Livestock Health

Blue Green Algae Poisoning
Bluetongue and Anaplasmosis
Calf Scours
Coccidiosis in Beef Cattle
Effects of Age and Method of Castration on Performance and Stress Response of Beef Cattle
Freemartinism in Cattle
Grass Tetany in Ruminants
Mastitis in Beef Cows
Sweet Clover Poisoning
The Importance of Colostrum for Calves
Vaginal and Uterine Prolapses in Beef Cows
Winter Tetany

Livestock Management

Breeding Season
Cold Weather Adjustments for Cows
Limiting Nighttime Calving
Management Practices to Improve Marbling & Beef Quality
Reducing Weaning Stress of Beef Cattle
Storage Life of Livestock Feeds

Livestock Nutrition

Creep Feeding
Feeding Lambs
Feeding Sheep - Ewe Maintenance Rations
Feeding Urea to Newly Weaned Calves
How Much Feed Will My Cow Eat
Putting Calves on Feed
Sheep: Feed & Forage Requirements
Thin Cows Require More Feed Over the Winter
Using and Feeding Spring Threshed Grain
Using Straw in Cattle Rations
Valuing Energy and Protein in Your Livestock Feeds
Vitamin E Requirements in Cows and Finishing Beef Rations
Vitamin Supplementation for Beef Animals
Watering Cows With Snow

Forage Management

Adjusting Forage Prices
Alfalfa Autotoxicity
Assess Tame Pastures Before Rejuvenating
Bale Moisture
Bale Silage
Cicer Milkvetch (Astragalus cicer L.)
Cicer Milkvetch - Plant Characteristics
Fall Fertility for Forage Stands
Fall Harvesting Alfalfa
Grazing Annual Forages
Grazing Legumes & Bloat
Harvesting Green Feed
Hay Harvesting Losses
Late Fall or Dormant Seeding
Making Good Silage
Millet for Forage Use
Silage Management Questions
Spring Grazing
Stocking Rates & AUM
Swath Grazing
Tame Pasture Health Assessment
Weed Control in Perennial Forages

Forage Quality

Bale Moisture
Feed Testing
Heated Bales: Management and Handling
How Rain Affects Hay Quality
How Stage of Maturity Affects Hay Quality
Moldy Silage
Nitrate Risk in Forage Crops
Palatability of Fall Rye Forage

Farm Management

Avoiding Disputes - Get It In Writing
How Do I Obtain Farm Status in Alberta
Land Rental
Pasture Rental
Value of Standing Hay
What is My Cereal Silage Crop Worth
What is Straw Worth
What Should I Charge to Overwinter Cows


Alberta Direct Market Average Fruit and Vegetable Prices
Calibrating a Backpack Sprayer
Considerations for Market Gardeners: Soil Preparation
Consideration for Market Gardeners: Soil Sampling
Dealing With Severe Weather in Horticulture Crops
Diagnosing Plant Problems
Enhancing Winter survival of Horticulture Crops
FHB and Irrigation Management
Flea Beetles and Potatoes
Garlic: Fall vs Spring Planting
Greenhouse Cleanup: Tips and Pointers
Importance of Air in Commercial Fruit Production
Late Blight of Potatoes and Tomatoes
Management of Black Knot
Microclimate Modification with Plasticulture
Pesticide Issues in Horticultural Settings (Commercial & Other)
Post-Harvest Handling of Horticulture Crops
Potato Scab
Reducing Transplant Stress in Field Vegetables
Saskatoon Berry Bloom Stages, Pests and Control Options
Seasonal Pest Occurrence for Fruit and Vegetable Pests
Soil Temperature and Field Vegetable Germination
Water Requirements in Horticulture Crops
Weed Control in Strawberries, Raspberries and Saskatoon Berries

Food Processing

Labeling Products
Packaging Products
Pricing Your Products


Direct Marketing Meat
Farm Direct Marketing
Marketing Plan
Marketing Products

Starting a Business

Ag Tourism
Business Plans
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Financing Your Business
Market Trends
Starting a Business

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