Marketing Products - Frequently Asked Questions

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 How should I sell my product?
Choosing the most effective option for selling your product is influenced by the goals and objectives of your company. Developing marketing and distributing strategies helps determine the steps needed to achieve success. A marketing strategy includes determining your target market, choosing how to position your product, creating a reason why people should buy your product and developing a consistent message and focus for your business. Your distribution strategy answers the question: “How will I sell my product?”

Depending on the product you have to sell, there may be a variety of marketing alternatives or channels available to you. For a fresh or processed food product, the most common market opportunities are retail, food service and direct marketing. More detailed information is available through the link below.

What is Direct Marketing?
Any time you sell your products or services directly to the consumer, your are direct marketing. This is the simplest distribution method and for some, may have very positive results. Seasonal roadside stands or year-round roadside markets, u-pick operations and farmers markets are all direct to consumer marketing options. Before you direct market your product or service, you need to be sure that you are aware of and follow all regulations such as the Public Health Act, labeling laws, food inspection and municipal bylaws. The links below will provide you with more information.

What is a Broker?
A broker represents a product to prospective buyers. When orders are written, they are passed on to the manufacturer who then ships the goods directly to the retailer or foodservice company. Individual brokers will represent a variety of manufacturers, usually with non-competing products.

Further information on marketing can found on the Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development website or by calling Alberta Agriculture New Venture Specialist at 310-FARM (3276).

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Prepared by Kathy Bosse, Ag-Info Centre, Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development

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