Marketing - Frequently Asked Questions

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 Marketing skills and knowing your market are essential to bringing a new product or service into the market. Before you begin a new enterprise you need to understand your market. To fully understand the market you need to know who will buy your product or service, how to sell to buyers, the amount they want to buy and the right price. Good marketing skills are especially important for new or unusual enterprises.
Marketing - Will it sell?

How do I find out about the market and the people that will buy my product?
By doing a formal market research, you will gather good information so you can develop good marketing and business strategies. It’s impossible to sell people what they do not want. Just as obvious is the fact that nothing could be simpler than selling people what they do want. Market research is essential in helping you find out what people want.
Market Research

Where can I find more information on Marketing?
For more information on marketing visit the Biz Info website or call a New Venture Coach at 310-Farm (3276).

Prepared by Kathy Bosse, Ag-Info Centre, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

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