Direct Marketing Meat - Frequently Asked Questions

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 Can I sell my own meat from my farm?
All meat sold to the public must have been processed at a Federal or Provincial processing plant. You can market this meat from your farm, but before you do so, you must contact your local heath unit to obtain a permit. The meat you have for sale must be kept separate from your own and kept at a safe temperature. Your heath inspector will explain the regulations that you must follow.

Farm Direct Sales - Know the Regulations

What price should I charge for my meat?
Setting a price is one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business. Before establishing your price, you should:
  • Know what your customers want and will pay
  • Be aware of what other direct marketers are charging
  • Be aware of the regular retail price in your market area
  • Ensure you understand the market environment
When it comes to setting a final price, you have three different options:
  • Sell per pound based on the whole or portion of the carcass
  • Sell meat packaged at specified weight and at a specified price
  • Sell at a price per weight per cut
Choosing how to sell depends on how you want to run you business, on your market and competitors. Depending on your decision, you will be better positioned to determine your price to ensure your costs are covered.

Methods to Price Your Product
The Essentials of Pricing
Pricing Meat Products: An Introduction

Do I need to be concerned with people coming on my farm?
Adequate insurance is essential to the long-term success of any business. Insurance is a cost of doing business and should be included in the price of your product or service. The type and amount of insurance you should carry depends on your product and service. You should check with an insurance carrier regarding your specific business activity.

Managing Risk for Farm Direct and Ag Tourism Ventures

For more information on Farm Direct Marketing, contact the Ag-Info Centre at 310-FARM (310-3276).

Prepared by Kathy Bosse, Ag - Info Centre, Alberta Agriculture & Forestry.
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