Options for Alberta Producers During Dry Conditions

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 Events such as drought, crop pests, livestock diseases, significant changes in product and input pricing, or trade actions can cause serious business stress. These stresses can be felt at the individual, local or broader provincial level. Regardless of the event, producers seek out information and insights as to how to cope, available options, and how to choose a logical course of action.
The purpose of this site is to provide a “central location” for producers to visit for information and tools on business management and production issues surrounding managing a farm during periods of business stress.

The site is divided into the following sections:

News and Events
  • News releases, local event listings, situation updates, maps and reports
Business Management
  • Budgeting information and tools; economics and financial analysis; decision aids; market analysis and outlook; strategies for managing the event
Livestock Management
  • Maintaining livestock productivity and health; livestock production options/alternatives; feed & fodder alternatives; forage & grazing alternatives
Forage, Hay and Pasture Management
  • Managing pastures, forages and hay lands to enhance plant health to withstand water stress and help to minimize the herbage reductions
Crop Management
  • Maintaining crop productivity and growth; crop production options/alternatives
Programs & Services
  • Programs and services available to producers to help manage through periods of business stress
Planning and Preparing for Dry Conditions
  • To assist with decision-making during dry conditions, information and links are available through this page, or by calling the Ag-Info Centre at 310-FARM (3276)
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This information published to the web on June 19, 2009.
Last Reviewed/Revised on July 22, 2015.