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There are a range of programs and services offered by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, other levels of government and private service providers to aid producers in coping with, and managing through, periods of business stress. This section provides descriptions regarding many of these services

Business Risk Management Programs
  • Business risk management tools include AgriInsurance, AgriStability, and AgriRecovery, which are administered by AFSC, and AgriInvest, which is delivered federally. Information on these business risk management programs can be found through a link on the main page of the AAFC website,, and on the AFSC website,, under Risk Management. AgriInvest information is available toll-free at 1-866-367-8506.
  • The Alberta Disaster Assistance Loan Program offers short-term emergency response loans of up to $1 million for producers with crop production yields less than 70 percent of normal, where net margin declines exceed 30 percent of their reference margin. More information can be obtained by calling the AFSC Lacombe Central Office toll-free at 1-800-396-0215.
  • The Growing Forward Water Management Program provides technical assistance and incentive for the creation of a Long Term Water Management Plan at the farm level, and support for implementation of the plan. More information is available at
Federal Tax deferral

2010 Prescribed Drought and Excess Moisture/Flood Regions: Stress Management
Stress is a normal reaction to anything that threatens our safety and well-being. Information and contact numbers are available to help. - May 19, 2010
Recognizing and Handling Stress in Rural Alberta

2010 Prescribed Drought and Excess Moisture/Flood Regions
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