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  Agri-News is a news package published each Monday that has information of interest to Albertans on agriculture, food and beverage production, marketing, research, provincial events and policy, and home gardening. This regional and provincial information includes:
  • special projects in a district or region
  • farmers or farm families who have a particular success story
  • production information or advice
  • farm family advice or information
  • farm management information or advice
  • meetings/tours of interest to a region or the province
  • how-to stories.
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Recent Articles from 'Agri-News'

  Recent Articles
Water Supply Outlook in Irrigation Districts
Agricultural Business Analyzer Information Sessions
Alberta Food Products Profiled to Japanese Consumers
2016 Alberta Institute of Agrologists Conference
Producer's Perspective - Alberta BSE Surveillance Program
Species at Risk Added to Environmental Farm Plan
Trade and Logistics Workshop
Seoul Food Show 2016 Applications
Alberta Farm Fresh School 2016 - Taking Your Farm to the Next Level
Leading Edge Farm Management Conference
Livestock Producers Receive Tax Relief
Cow-Calfenomics 2015 - Managing Profitability for the Long Run

From the February 1, 2016 issue of Agri-News
Ocean Shipping Rates Drop
Comparing Oats, Barley and Wheat for Cattle Rations
Functional Food Ingredients
Farm Management Advice Between Generations
Alberta Researcher Receives Prestigious Award
Getting into Retail
Industrial Hemp Enterprise
License to Farm
Alberta Leads Mission to Morocco
Growing Faba Beans
Reserve Land Taken Upon Subdivision

From the January 25, 2016 issue of Agri-News
Agriculture Hall of Fame Call for Nominations
Consumers, Industry, and Functional Foods
What Makes a Farm Profitable?
Alberta Companies Attend FHC 2016 in Shanghai
Track and Measure for Improved Performance
Social Media Bootcamp
Agriculture Job Fair
AgriTourism and Farm Direct Marketing Workshop
Aherne Prize Innovation Winners Announced
Excellence Award for Agricultural Students
Why use Artificial Insemination?
2015 Canola Performance Trial Results Now Online

From the January 18, 2016 issue of Agri-News
Accrual and Changing Inventory Value
Cropping Alternatives 2016
Farmers' Advocate and Well Site Reclamation Issues
Getting into Farm Direct Marketing Forum
Artisan Cheese Poised for Growth
Alberta Wheat Commission Director-at-Large Election
Farm Manager at FarmTech
New Research on Beef Producers' Environmental Footprint
Alberta Companies Build a Plan in Export Readiness Workshops
AFAC Awards of Distinction
Excellence Award for Agricultural Students

From the January 11, 2016 issue of Agri-News
Alberta Welcomes Repeal of COOL
Effects of Interest Rate Changes
Agriculture Summit Focuses on Trade, Innovation and Growth
Agri-Profit$ and the Measures That Matter
Reduce Tuition in the School of Hard Knocks: 2016 NAFDMA Convention Comes to B.C.
Agronomy Update 2016 Conference Presentations
How's your Farm Business's Health?
Alberta Top Canadian Honey Producer
Getting Your Financial Records Ready for 2016
FOODEX Japan 2016
NAFDMA Convention Comes to Vancouver
SARDA Water Quality Summary 2015

From the December 21, 2015 issue of Agri-News
On-Farm Stewardship Program
2014 Alberta Agriculture Statistics Yearbook Released
Was Your Farm Profitable in 2015?
Alberta Food Products Profiled in Japan
Marketing Made Easy
Forming a Small Business Advisory Board Webinar
Moisture Situation Update - December 15, 2015
Producer Groups Provide Leadership in Wheat and Barley Breeding
Inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference
Organic Master Gardener Program
Water and Fertilizer Workshop

From the December 14, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Amendments Confirm Farm and Ranch Families will be Excluded from New Rules
Dairy Cost Study
Time to Reflect on 2015 Goals
Agronomy Update 2016
Stocking Stuffers for Commercial Producers
HortSnacks at Night: Human Resources
The Bumble Beets Way
The Horticultural Wish List
Ladies' Livestock Lessons
International Year of Pulses
Pulse Production Online Database
Wheat Production

From the December 7, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Government to Amend Bill 6 for Clarity
Wheat Stem Sawfly Forecast Map
Canadian Wheat Class Modernization
Fertilizer Prices
Wheat Midge Survey Map
Christmas Tree Tips
Give a Growing Gift to Gardening Enthusiasts
Funding Program for On-Farm Solar PV Projects Coming Soon
Alberta Mission to Private Label Manufacturers Association Trade Show
Alberta Milk pro-Action Workshops

From the November 30, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Feeding Heated Canola Seed
Farm Stewardship Centre Renews Focus
Pricing Transparency Maps
2016 Irrigated Crop Production Update Conference
Explore Local Business Growth Webinar
Choosing a Christmas Tree
Great Gift Ideas for Livestock Producers
Alberta Family Named Canada's Outstanding Young Farmers

From the November 23, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Safety, Fairness Focus of Farm and Ranch Workers Legislation
Trade Mission to Support Diversification of Agriculture and Forestry Economy
On-farm Safety Training - a Great Winter Activity
Starting a New Venture
Farmers' Advocate Office Updating Key Resources
New Guide on Managing Odour Issues
International Year of Pulses
Funding Announced for Wheat Genomics Research
Albertans at the World Food Championships
Fall Beef Information Meeting

From the November 16, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Temporary Manure Storage
CropChoice$ 2015
Stripe Rust Update
Farm Stewardship Centre Renews Focus for 21st Century
Farm Manager at Agri-Trade
Final Alberta Crop Report for 2015
Alberta Beef Producers' Election Results
Province Honours Wildland Fire Crews
Water for a Lifetime
Explore Horticulture
Institutes to Collaborate on Agricultural Programming
Understanding Sustainability for Agri-Processors

From the November 9, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Using Brassica Crops as Feed
Albertans Inducted into 4-H Hall of Fame
Emptying a Catch Basin
Keep Family Living Costs in Mind When Calculating Cash Flow Budgets
Moisture Situation Update (October 28)
Ecobuffers for Shelterbelt Replacement
Pita Pioneer Aims for Expansion
Alberta Wheat Commission Welcomes New Leaders
Banff Pork Seminar
Green Industry Show and Conference
New National Beef Strategy Video

From the November 2, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Have You Considered All Your Costs in Backgrounding?
Option-to-Purchase Agreements and the Energy/Utility Industry
2014 Alberta Greenhouse Profile Report
Mexican Trade Mission Opportunity
Sustainable Strategic Planning Webinar Series
The People Behind the Program - Licensed Water Well Drillers
Beef Cattle and Antimicrobial Resistance
Farm Management Canada Webinars
Wetlands Research Survey

From the October 26, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Field Pea Straw has Fertilizer and Feed Value
Relocation of Livestock Facilities Planning Guide
Alberta Agriculture at Agri-Trade
Export Readiness Workshop Series
Marketing Made Easy
Pricing Meat Products
Farm Safety Moving Forward in Peace Country
The People Behind the Program - Public Health Inspectors
Private Label Webinar
Groundwater 101

From the October 19, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Canola Storage Considerations as Winter Approaches
Wheat Basis Levels
Traceability Connects
Your Farm's Immediate Future
Cost-effective Advertising and Marketing Webinar
Brazil Continues to Grow as Agriculture Powerhouse
Turn in Obsolete or Unwanted Pesticides and Livestock Medications
Elm Pruning Ban in Alberta is over until March 31
Identifying Pre-clinical MAP Infected Cattle
Alberta Beef Fall Meeting and Election Schedule
Pain Control Webinar

From the October 12, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Alberta Ag-Info Centre Celebrates 500,000th Call
Time to Finalize Your Grain Marketing Plan
Workforce Development Initiative
Getting into Farming
Natural Health Products and Functional Ingredients (NHP/FI) Building Success Conference
Evaluating Beneficial Management Practices to Improve Water Quality Webinar
Food Safety and You
How to Export to Mexico Webinar: Animal Feed
HortSnacks at Night - Standard Operating Procedures
The People Behind the Program - Municipalities and Agriculture Program Managers
Moisture Situation Update - October 6, 2015

From the October 5, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Harvesting Sprouted Grain
Storing Grain Safely
Avian Influenza and Small-flock Poultry
Know Your Crop Quality
FAO Welcomes New Staff Member
Alberta Sheep Symposium
Hydroponic Strawberry Production Webinar
Trade Mission to India and Sri Lanka
Moisture Situation Update - September 28, 2015
Alberta Wheat Commission Announces $970,000 in Research Funding
People Behind the Program - Senior Water Administration Technologists
Excellence Award for Agricultural Students
Watershed Alliance Launches Online Consultation

From the September 28, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Testing Your Feed
Cow-Calfenomics 2015
Liquidity in Agri-Food Processing Businesses
Interested in Farming?
Retail Connection for Farm Direct Webinar
The People Behind the Program - Agriculture Water Engineers
Moisture Situation Update -- September 21, 2015
Fall Lawn Care
Sheep Industry Leaders Wanted to Represent Alberta Producers
Rural Alberta Innovation and Learning Commons
Managing Calves for Improved Productivity Webinar

From the September 21, 2015 issue of Agri-News
National Agriculture Leaders Debate
2015 Best Practices Tour
Agricultural Awards for Students
Blackleg Survey
Get Involved with the Alberta Wheat Commission
Hay Stand Conditions
Provincial Apiculturist Recognized with Award
HortSnacks-to-Go Webinar Series
Post-Harvest Weed Control
Lethbridge Rural Innovation Forum

From the September 14, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Nutrient Beneficial Management Practices Evaluation Project
By-product Feeds for Sheep
Grazing Stubble Fields
Should I Buy Expensive Feed or Custom Feed?
Soil Information Viewer
Canola Crush Margins
Getting Into Farming
Prevent Insect Infestations When Storing Grain
Agricultural Business Management Award Accepting Nominations
Wheat Web-Based Pricing Site
Post Harvest Weed Control
Private Label Webinar 1.0

From the September 8, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Crop Residue Management
Fusarium Graminearum Survey Underway
New Bee App Takes Flight in Alberta
Getting Started in Horticulture
Alberta Welcomes Buyers from Mexico and Colombia
Teaching Children about Agriculture
Moisture Situation Update
Check Your Elm Trees for Dutch Elm Disease Symptoms
Farm Families Honoured in Grande Prairie
Watershed Alliance to Host Workshops on Water Quality
AFC Call for Nominations
To Fall Till or Not

From the August 31, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Dealing with Anthrax
When to Cut Alfalfa
New Category for Hay and Pasture Listings
Move Equipment Safely on Public Roads This Harvest
Alberta Participates in Mission to BIO World Congress
Panel Looks for Agricultural Input on Climate Change Action Plan
Non-engineered Concrete Liners for Manure Collection
On-farm Labour Strategies
Farm Families Honoured in Lethbridge
Explore Horticulture
How to Put on a Farm-to-Table Culinary Event

From the August 24, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Using Canola as Cattle Feed
Feed and Hay Prices
Alberta's Cattle Herd
Managing Crops with Variable Growth Stages
Augers and Grain Hazards
Fill up on Fun at Alberta Open Farm Days
New Study Shows Economic Benefits of Irrigation in Alberta
Moisture Situation Update - August 17, 2015
Keep it Clean
Ruminal Acidosis
Range Health Assessment Training
Managing Information/Genomics for Profit

From the August 17, 2015 issue of Agri-News
Using Pea Straw in Cattle Rations
Resources to Help with Tax Relief for Livestock Producers
Harvest Safety
Rancher's Return Lite
Moisture Situation Update - August 10, 2015
Reduced Rates for Water Pumping Program
Volunteers Needed for Western Regional Leaders' Forum 2017
HortSnacks in the Field visits the Hidden Valley Garden
Pricing: Moving from Farmers Market to Retail Sales
Lower Harvest Losses Start with a Drop Pan
Robert (Bob) L. Ross Scholarship Now Accepting Applications

From the September 30, 2013 Issue of Agri-News
Add a Little Alfalfa to the Crop Rotation

From the July 2, 2012 Issue of Agri-News
What Will Producers Learn in Grazing This Year

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