Agricultural Moisture Situation Updates

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 Agriculture Drought Risk Management Plan | Options for producers during dry conditions
Agricultural Moisture Situation Updates

The Agricultural Moisture Situation Update is developed by the drought modelling team and published frequently as appropriate during the growing season and less frequently during winter months.


Agriculture Drought Risk Management Plan (ADRMP)

ADRMP provides a framework for a coordinated, pro-active approach to reduce the short- and long-term effects of drought and of climate change on Alberta farmers and ranchers. It guides government agencies in assisting producers to more effectively reduce the impacts of drought before, during and after a drought event, and will help agricultural producers to be more prepared and less vulnerable to drought.

Options for Producers during Dry Conditions

The site is to provides a “central location” for producers to visit for information and tools on business management and production issues surrounding managing a farm during periods of business stress.
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