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AgriProfit$ Cropping Alternatives
Crop Budget Calculator

Economic, Productive & Financial Benchmarks for Alberta Cow/Calf Operations
Economic of Milk Production
New version of CropChoice$

Off-Farm Income in Alberta
Hemp Production Costs and Returns 2015
Trends in Retail - Issue 11
Consumer Corner: Halal Meat Market Demand - what does it look like?
AgriProfit$ Benchmark Analysis
Weekly Crop Market Review
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Economics and Competitiveness Division contributes regularly to.Call of the Land
Quality Information. Valuable Insights.

Economics and Competitiveness Branch enhances the economic competitiveness of Alberta’s agri-food industry by supporting evidence based policy development and informed business decision-making.

We provide relevant unbiased economic data and information, applying our expertise to provide meaningful interpretation for the agriculture industry, researchers and stakeholders.

Meet our Team (brochure in pdf form) Economics and Competitiveness can help

When you need statistical information
Do you need provincial agricultural and agri-food statistics and trends?
We capture data along the value chain. From production and prices to farm income, food manufacturing sales and international export statistics. We develop regular reports on Alberta farm input prices, Edmonton nutritious food basket prices, Alberta crop conditions, customs rates, Agriculture Statistics Yearbook, fact sheets and much more.

When you need the numbers explained
Give us a call and we will direct you to a specialist with the appropriate expertise on the numbers you are looking at.

When you want decision making tools
When you want to get a better handle on your business costs and increase profits – you need to look at our AgriProfit$ Program.

The AgriProfit$ Program offers producers a customized business analysis of their operations. This free service is available for cow/calf, dairy, crops, greenhouse and specialty crops as well as honey and bee operations.

We also produce economic, production and financial benchmarks and offer business planning software and tools (e.g. CropChoice$)

Need an assessment of market conditions?
We have analysts and materials that will give you up-to-date information and analysis of these complex sectors. Our Marketing Guide can assist in better understanding farm product marketing.

What are the consumer and retail trends?
If you are considering entering a new market or trying a new formulation and want to know what consumers are buying and why they are buying it – look at the trends. Our free department publications, Consumer Corner and Trends in Retail, offer insights on current trends in the marketplace and are regularly updated..

Looking for an answer to an economic question?
If you have an agricultural industry project that requires economic, statistical or market analysis information, contact us.

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