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Alberta Agri-Food Trade

Alberta’s agri-food international trade statistics reports provide users with trends of the provinces agri-food exports by product and country. These include exports of primary agricultural commodities (live animals and crops) and processed agricultural and food products.
  • Trends in Alberta Agri-Food Exports
  • Alberta Value of Exports
  • Trends in Alberta Agri-Food Exports
  • Trends in World Agri-Food Trade
Census of Agriculture for Alberta

This section provides sub-provincial data and information for Alberta obtained from the Census of Agriculture, released every five years by Statistics Canada. Products include provincial highlights, and data for the province by Improvement District (I.D.), Municipal District (M.D.) and County by Region.

Annual Statistics


This section provides statistical information on the Alberta crop industry. Items included are the Alberta Crop Report (which captures timely crop production information for Alberta during the current crop season), Weekly Crop Market Review, survey reports for speciality crops and greenfeed and silage production, and crop production statistics (area, yield, and production), and crop supply and disposition tables for Canada, United States and the World.


This section provides statistical information on the Alberta livestock industry. Items included are the Weekly Livestock Market Review, inventories of cattle and calves, pigs, and sheep and lambs on Alberta farms, and Alberta beekeepers survey results.

Real Estate Values

Provincial average agricultural real estate value by Canada Land Inventory (C.L.I) and agricultural real estate transfers. These are presented by provincial average and by municipality on a historical basis.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

This section provides statistical data regarding Alberta food and beverage manufacturing sales, as well as the Edmonton average nutritious food basket prices.

Farm Financial

The farm financial section contains statistical data and information on Alberta farm income, farm input prices (for 56 selected inputs and available for download), and custom rates surveys (Crop and Pastureland Lease and Rental, Field Operations (Spring), Livestock Operations, Grain Harvesting Operations, Field Operations Fall, and Hay and Silage Making Operations).

Yearbook and Releases

The Agriculture Statistics Factsheet provides a condensed collection of statistics on Alberta's agriculture and food and beverage industries. The Factsheet is released annually and features at least two years of data. Topics include GDP, Census of Agriculture, employment, livestock inventories/prices, food and beverage manufacturing activity, honey production, greenhouse industry statistics, land and precipitation, population and farms, field crops, farm cash receipts, net farm income and farm operating expenses, capital investment and agri-food exports.

The Agriculture Statistics Yearbook contains over 150 tables and figures and is a principal source of statistics on the Alberta agri-food industry.
These informative tables and charts provide both a current and historical perspective. Individual sections of the yearbook contain information on identifiable industry sectors such as crops, livestock, food and beverage, and agri-food exports. The sections also present industry measures and indicators such as farm income and economic indicators.

The Agri-Food Statistics Update is designed to provide users with commentary on current issues, trends and new developments related to Alberta's agriculture and the food and beverage processing industries.

Alberta Agri-food Industries Data and Trends present current key statistics and highlights on Alberta’s dynamic agriculture and food industries.
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