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 Economics and Competitiveness

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Program description

The Economics Section:

  • Analyzes the competitiveness of the primary and processing industry in Alberta.
  • Provides economic and competitiveness analysis of the impact of trade developments.
  • Analyzes the economic impact of environmental stewardship practices.
  • Leads in providing economic, risk and competitiveness analysis about Land-Use Framework.
  • Develops and provides business management information for producers.
  • Provides advice and develops margins for crop and livestock for the Agri-Stability Program.
  • Assesses the economic impact associated with food safety, foreign animal and plant diseases, non-tariff trade barriers and WTO negotiations on the agriculture industry.
Key messages
  • Expand research on the competitiveness of Alberta’s primary and processing industries.
  • In partnership with public and private sector delivery agents, develop economic information and risk management tools and information to meet producer needs.
  • Assess the impact of foreign animal and plant diseases, trade disruptions, World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations and other risks and opportunities that impact the agriculture industry.
  • Assess the economic impact of environment stewardship practices on Alberta producers.
  • Provide economic analysis and assessment of safety net options for Alberta producers.
  • Represent agriculture’s interests in the economic and modeling portion of the Land-Use Framework process.

Section clients include the following:
  • Ministry staff and agencies
  • Primary producers
  • Agri-businesses (e.g., financial institutions, processors, traders and marketers)
Contact information

The main contact for the Economics Section is 780-422-3771.

NameTitle Phone Area of Responsibility
Philippa Rodrigues
  • Section Responsibilities
Lorraine Kohlman
Section Administrator 780- 422-3771
  • Administrative support to the Economics Section
Zoia Komirenko
Senior Agricultural Economist780- 422-5027
  • Economic modelling and research, including economic impact analyses of irrigation development issues, crop and livestock diseases and trade issues.
Anatoliy Oginskyy
Senior Production Economist780-427-5390
  • Economics of beef production
  • Farm finance
  • Business and risk management
  • Applied economic research
  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders
Emmanuel Laate
Senior Crop Economist780-422-4054
  • Provincial production economics research for horticulture, specialty crops and beekeeping
  • Economic information and expertise
  • Competitiveness in primary and value-added agriculture and agri-food
  • Evaluate industry competitiveness
Production Crops Economist780-422-4056
  • Production economics for grains and oilseeds
  • Applied economic research and analysis
  • Agri-Profit$ for crops – benchmarks and budgets
  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders
Anne Huennemeyer
Research Economist780-422-2903
  • Agricultural economic research
  • Research on opportunities in the value-added industry
  • Leads economic feasibility studies
Olu Oyewumi
Economic Modeller780-422-3945
  • Provide economic modelling expertise and leadership to the Ministry and agri-food industry
  • Conduct applied economic research and analysis
  • Develop and maintain economic models
Pauline VanBiert
Research Analyst780-415-2153
  • Annual dairy cost study
  • Coordinate AgriProfit$ cost of production studies for crops, livestock and specialty crops
Ann Boyda
Livestock Economist780-422-4088
  • Applied economic research on livestock and meat value-chains
  • Cost of production research on cow/calf, feedlot, sheep and hog industries in Alberta
  • Applied research on various livestock related topics
Shukun Guan
Research Analyst780-415-2154
  • Develop new modules/software programs
  • Modify and revise current programs


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