Economics of Production and Marketing Greenhouse Crops in Alberta

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The origin of Alberta’s greenhouse crops industry goes back over a hundred years. It was in 1905 when Dutch and German settlers began plant production under protection cultivation. Since 1970, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) have committed material resources to the development and growth of this industry in Alberta. This report, which details the current production costs and returns for major greenhouse crops, is a continuing effort to monitor the costs and returns of greenhouse crop production. Full text of the latest report (2017) is available in pdf format.

A questionnaire specifically designed for greenhouse operations is used to obtain production costs and returns information on cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, bedding plants / ornamentals and tree seedlings. The study participants were randomly selected from a list of greenhouse operators across the province. The information collected were analyzed and individual reports were mailed to study participants for their review and feedback before finalizing the group averages contained in this report. To preserve confidentiality, group averages were only developed for greenhouse crops with three or more participants.

The report details the blended or weighted average data from growers who provided their information. The report can assist growers in making profitable management decisions. In addition, it serves as a guide to government when developing and evaluating programs and policies for industry. New producers can also use the information to increase their understanding of greenhouse production costs and returns in Alberta.

For a PDF of the full report for any of the years in the table below, click on the year.

Economics of Production and Marketing Greenhouse Crops in Alberta
Production Year:
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