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 Economics and Competitiveness
AgriProfit$: Economic Information for Alberta Crop Producers - There are two primary roles of the program. First, to deliver sound business management benchmarks and information. Second, to assist producers with evaluating their own business' performance. This includes strategic planning and assessing production, management and technology options.

AgriProfit$ Economic Analysis and Benchmarks - Benchmark reports by soil zone and crop enable Alberta producers to evaluate their productive, economic and financial performance relative to their peers locally and provincially.

AgriProfit$ Crop Cost and Returns Profiles – Intermediate term benchmark reports by crop by soil zone. The 3 year averaging smoothes out the extremes in yields, prices and expenses that can occur in any one year. This gives a better reflection of the crops’ average unit production costs and profit potential. Area average and top-third management groupings are presented, inviting producers to compare to their own farm’s unit costs.

AgriProfit$ Cropping Alternatives - Forecasted budget reports by soil zone and crop enable Alberta producers to estimate their productive, economic and financial performance for the upcoming growing season.


  • Crop Choice$ - This software program helps crop producers predict revenues and margins for their crop enterprise, as well as the likelihood of achieving those levels.
  • AFFIRM - The Alberta Farm Fertilizer Information and Recommendation Manager (AFFIRM) is an interactive software program that allows the user to select crop choices, identify field agro-climatic region, input soil and crop management practices and enter laboratories soil test results to optimize fertility requirements.

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