Competitiveness and Market Analysis Section

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 Economics and Competitiveness
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Program Description

The Competitiveness and Market and Analysis Section is responsible for the following:
  • Leads the analysis of changes to consumer behavior and emerging trends impacting demand.
  • Provides analysis of market impacts of trade and policy issues.
  • Develops forecasts for commodity pricing and assesses best marketing practices in partnership with internal and external clients.
  • Conducts priority market research, demand modeling and market segmentation research.
  • Provides due diligence in the market assessment of new technology and emerging product development.
  • Provides research, measurement, analysis, opportunity identification and strategic direction on issues impacting the competitive environment.
  • Projects that support the policy development processes by analyzing the competitive impacts of policy alternatives or the impacts of policies in other jurisdictions.
  • Projects that support the strategic planning process by offering insights and opinions on the evolution of the environment within which our agri-food systems operate.
Key Messages
  • Provide economic analysis on key market and consumer issues that impact Alberta’s ability to compete.
  • In partnership with internal and external clients conduct analysis of the consumer demand for food products to assess changes in consumer behaviour.
  • Develop agricultural commodity price forecasts and assess best marketing practices for government and agri-business clients.
  • Conduct projects to increase understanding of, and enhance the, competitiveness of the food, feed and bio-industrial value chains in Alberta.
  • Conduct projects that support the policy development, strategic planning and business planning processes by analyzing the potential competitiveness impacts on Alberta’s agri-food supply chains.
  • Ministry staff and agencies
  • Government
  • Industry
Contact Information

The main contact phone number for the Competitiveness and Market Analysis Section is 780-422-7101.
Chris Panter
Director780- 644-1287
  • Section management
  • Market analytics
  • Risk management tools and strategies
  • Implications of policy alternatives on agricultural markets
Erminia Guercio
780- 422-7101
  • Coordinate Section admin. projects and activities
  • Assist with research
  • Graphics design/desktop publishing
Neil Blue
Provincial Crops Market Analyst
780- 422-4053

  • Expertise in industry competitiveness; policy, trade issue, emerging markets
  • Market outlook for grains, oilseeds and pulse crops
  • Risk management tools and strategies for crops
  • Implications of policy and alternatives on crop markets
Rosalie Cunningham
Coordinating Researcher 780-415-9013
  • Project leadership
  • Research and analysis
  • Value Chain/Supply Chain Analysis
Ava Duering
Competitiveness Analyst780- 422-4170
  • Research and analysis
  • Client surveys
  • Value Chain/Supply Chain Analysis
Jeewani Fernando
Provincial Consumer Market Analyst 780- 415-9773
  • Expertise in consumer demand analysis and economic modelling.
  • Research on emerging consumer markets and consumer trends
  • Economic analysis of trade and policy
Ryan Furtas
Market Analyst/
Coordination Research
  • Agricultural input monitoring and analysis
  • Risk management tools and strategies for input markets
  • Expertise in input industry, competitiveness, policy trade issues
VacantPost-Farm Gate Business Analyst780-643-9286
  • Research and analysis
  • Industry and financial profiles
  • Information products supporting government and industry relations
Jason Wood
Provincial Livestock Market Analyst
780- 422-3122
  • Livestock market outlook
  • Risk management tools and strategies for the livestock industry
  • Research and analysis of livestock market policy implications

. As the work that the Branch performs is unique to each client, it is left with the client to share the results as they feel appropriate. Some past examples of the Branch's work include:
  • Fertilizer Price Drivers
  • Food Price Inflation

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