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The Excel Tips highlights tips and tricks that will help you navigate through the Ag Business Analyzer and use the program most effectively.

Note that Excel 2013 is used for all illustrations. If the user is running a different version of Excel, the required process or steps might be slightly different. The functions should still be much the same, but might possibly under different menu headings. If the user is experiencing that in their own application, look through the menu items to find the functions being referred to.

Through the use of the Agricultural Business Analyzer, users have found and developed best practises to assist them in increasing the functionality and use the Microsoft Excel program.

These Excel Tips are shared below:
Putting Formulas Into Cells for Automatic Calculation
Adding a Worksheet
Changing the Page Numbers on Your Printout
Hiding Worksheets, Paste Special, View More of the Page at Once
Remove Shading or Color from Pages to Print for Faxing Purposes
Adding a New Production Page to Feed Into the ABA Analysis Template
Building a Supporting Schedule to Feed Into the ABA Document
Freeze Panes on Your Screen for Better Viewing
View Multiple Sheets from the Same Workbook at the Same Time, View Individual Sheets from Multiple Workbooks at the Same Time, Select Multiple Pages for Printing
Building a New Document or Table to Feed Into the ABA Analysis Template
Using ABA on a Mac Computer
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