Building a Supporting Schedule to Feed Into the ABA Document

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 Sometimes, there is not sufficient room in the schedules provided to enter all the information desired. For example, you may have more parcels of land than there is room to list in the Land schedule. One way to deal with this is to lump the land parcels together to fit in to the schedule provided. Another way is to add a worksheet after the Land page, and create a supplementary worksheet to contain the extra land information. To do that, follow these steps:
  1. Bring in a blank worksheet or use Sheet 20 and rename it as described above.
  2. Highlight and Copy the Land schedule from the Land page (cells A1 to K24).
  3. Paste what you have copied into the new worksheet. You will see that you now have a replica of the original schedule in this worksheet, complete with formulas for Total Acres, Cultivated Acres, Irrigated Acres and Market Value.
  4. As this new worksheet is unprotected, you can change anything on it, so you might want to change the name to something like “Land Supplementary Sheet”, and you might want to widen or narrow the columns and rows by placing your cursor on the line between the column alpha letters or row numbers, and dragging the line to make the columns and rows bigger or smaller as desired.
  5. On the original land schedule on the Land page, have the entry on the last line read something like “From Land Sup. Sheet”, and in the Total Acres, Cult Acres, Irrigated Acres and Market Value columns on this line, insert formulas to draw the totals from those cells on the Land Supplementary sheet. To do this:
    1. Left click on the cell (in the Total Acres column, this would be cell F23)
    2. In the cell, enter “=”
    3. Bring up the Land Supplementary page, and click on the totals cell in the Total Acres column and press “Enter”.
Doing the above will then feed the totals from the supplementary page into the Land page where the program draws the information from.
Illustrations of the above schedules are as follows:
Original Land schedule from the ABA program:

New Supplementary Sheet created on the blank sheet to feed into the original Land schedule:

This process can be used to expand a number of the other schedules in ABA, such as Buildings, Machinery, Accounts Receivable, Other Intermediate Assets and Other Long Term Assets. There are some other things to consider when expanding some of the other schedules however, such as Livestock, Crops, Current Liabilities and Term Liabilities, as information in these schedules feeds to other sections of the template so caution is advised when working with these.
In issue #11 of the Technical Bulletin, comments will be provided about how to create new tables and schedules to create additional detail to feed into the ABA analysis program.
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