The Aspen Parkland Ecoregion

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A large region in east-central Alberta extending from the Foothills to the west, north of Edmonton and across to the provincial border with Saskatchewan. It covers over five and a half million hectares or about 9% of the total area in the province. It is characterized by a transitional grassland ecoclimate, with short, warm summers (mean summer temperature 15 degrees Celsius), continuous snow cover throughout winter and moderate annual precipitation (400 - 500 mm). Parent material is classed as Cretaceous shale, with significant areas of lacustrine and fluvioglacial deposits. Fertile loamy Black Chernozemic soils are extensive with Gleysolic soils present in poorly drained, lower slope positions. Small lakes, ponds and sloughs are found throughout this area.

Agricultural Ecoregion in Alberta.

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