Food Processing Development Centre: Product Development

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 New product success is elusive. Shifting consumer trends and technological advances require motivated leadership in new or improved food product development. Consumer awareness of health, nutrition, safety, convenience and packaging determine product success or failure in a changing marketplace.

Product development specialists and sophisticated laboratory developmental facilities ensure your competitive edge...concept to finished products. Major areas of support and services include:

  • technical consultation (food scientists; engineer)
  • concept analysis and development
  • laboratory and pilot plant product development
  • prototype design and demonstration
  • interim processing and product packaging
  • regulatory requirements and labelling assistance
  • product packaging
  • quality control/quality assurance specifications
  • sensory evaluation
An extensive test kitchen facility allows Centre personnel to simulate consumer, food service and institutional food preparation methods.

Sensory evaluation facilities are used to determine consumer preferences. Studies with both trained panelists and consumers are used to evaluate food flavor, color and texture associated with ingredient/ process modifications, product quality and shelf-life. They are also used for test market introduction and to monitor competitive products. (see: Sensory Evaluation Centre)

Assurance of confidentiality
To protect and respect the interest of its clients, the Food Processing Development Branch holds all its client services in strict confidence.


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