Sensory Evaluation Program

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Food Processing Development Centre

Food Processing Development Centre
6309 - 45 Street
Leduc, Alberta

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Site of the Consumer Product Testing Centre
Consumer Product Testing Centre
Capital Health Centre
106, 10030 - 107 Street
Edmonton, Alberta

Phone: 780-415-6268
Fax: 780-415-6270

The Sensory Evaluation Program aims to enhance Alberta's value-added food industry through the provision of comprehensive sensory evaluation services, which include both consumer acceptability and trained panel testing. In the competitive food business, where 80-90% of all new food products fail, sensory evaluation is an invaluable tool to help the food industry manage risk. How?

Trained panels can be used by researchers and industry to assess the effect of ingredients and processes on their product initially and over time by measuring human responses that cannot be predicted by chemical or instrumental measures.

Consumer panels can be used to measure product acceptability and can provide information about specific product attributes such as flavour, appearance, texture and packaging. Consumer acceptance is the ultimate determinant of a product's success in the marketplace.

The Sensory Evaluation Program is one unit of the Food and Bio Processing Branch of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. Each of our four units is uniquely situated to provide research and development facilities for agri-food processing companies, or those interested in non-food uses for agricultural products.

Food Processing Development Centre
Food Science and Technology Centre

Assurance of Confidentiality

To protect and respect the interest of our clients, the Sensory Evaluation Centre holds all its client services in strict confidence.


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