Food Processing Development Centre Equipment

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Batter and Breading

Aerofreeze Spiral FreezerKoppens Breading Applicator
Drum Breader, Stein DB-4Koppens Continuous Multi-Purpose Oven
Formax 6 FormerKoppens Pre-dust Machine
Koppens Batter ApplicatorKoppens VM 400 HD Forming Machine
Koppens BR 300/600 Continuous Electric Fryer

Dry Processing
Anhydryo Spray Dryer - Pilot 55Hammer Mill - Fizpatrick D-6
Blender/Mixer, Day & O'Hare Ribbon Blender, 6 & 20 ft3Lauhoff Flaking Mill
Carrier Fluidized Bed Dryer/CoolerProctor and Schwartz Tray Dryer
Comil Mill (Quadro 1975)Ro-Tap Test Sieve Shaker, Model B
Extruder - Werner and Pfleiderer Twin Screw Z SK
57 C/W Wenger Preconditioner
Sweco Screen Separator 30"
Fine GrindMill - Condux Pinned Disc, Turbo and Cross Beater Configurations


Analytical Equipment

ABBE MarkII RefractometerHewlett-Packard 5890Gas Chromatograph w/ Flame Ionization and Thermal Conductivity Detectors
Aqua Lab Water Activity MeterHigh Performance Liquid Chromatogrph w/ Photodiode and Refractive Index Detectors
B & L Balance CentrifugesHunterlab Colorimeter
Brabender Farinograph ResistographInstron 5565 Universal Testing Instrument
Brabender ViskographIsocal-6 Calisto 2250B Calibrator
Brinkman PT 10/35 PolytronKjeltec Digestion/Distillation System
Brookfield Synchro-lectric ViscometerMicroscopes
Computrac Max 50 Moisture AnalyzerMocon CHAM002 Incubator
Fluke 741B Documentation Process CalibratorMocon Oxygen Permeation Tester
Gaulin 15MR Laboratory HomogenizerPope 2" Wiped Film Evaporator
General Radio-StrobotachSartorius In-Line Pressure Filtration System

Bench Top Processing Equipment

Bench Hollymatic TumblerItalgi Model P9A Pasta Machine
Berkel Universal Food CutterLabel Makers
Carver PressMoffat Batch Griddle, Grill and Fryer
DDS Lab 20 Membrane Filtration SystemMoyer Biebel PM-3 Turnover Machine
Groen Five Gallon Steam-Jacketed Vacuum KettleOhtake Noodle Machine
Hallde RG-6 Food MillPatterson Twin Shell Blender
Hallde VCM-61 Food ProcessorTaylor 110 Batch Ice Cream Freezer
Hand Stitch PumpTube Broiler
Hand StufferWater Baths
Hobart Mixers

Meat Processing

Baader 694 Deboner/DesinewerPickle Injector, Hand
Biro BandsawPiston Stuffer
Custom Stainless Twin Shaft Ribbon Blender/Paddle MixerRoschermatic TU-250 Massager
Daniels Quad Action DMX/100 MixerRoss Uniform 914 Meat Press
Formax Forming MachineRotoclaw Jr. Block Breaker
Grote Model 713 SlicerSeydelmann WD 114 Grinder
Handtmann VF80Linker - StufferSeydelmann 64, Vacuum-Cooking Silent Cutter
Hobart SlicerSmokehouse, EnviroPac
Holac #21 Slicer/DicerStephen Microcut MC15 Meat Emulsfying Machine
K & S Wetter GrinderTenderstar Needle/Blade Tenderizer
Koppens VM 400 HD Forming MachineTumbler - Daniels DVS 250
Maurer Rondair, 12 Stage Programmable SmokehouseVemag Robot 1000S Stuffer
Pickle Injector - Formaco FGM-26/52 Needle Stitch Pump, Bone-in or DebonedZ-Linker


Bizerba Double Chamber Vacuum PackagerL-Bar Sealer
Doboy Mustang IV Horizontal WrapperMultivac AG500 Vacuum Packager
In-Line Filling System w/ Capper & LabellerMultivac Rollstock Thermoform Packaging Machine
Komet Double Chamber Vacuum PackagerVisual Thermoforming Semi-auto Tray Sealer
Laboratory PET Container Hand LidderVS Snorkel Vacuum Bag Sealer

Wet Processing

Alfa Laval, P01-VL Plate Heat Exchanger/PasteurizerKalish, Pump-a-Filler/Controlles Volume Filler
All-Fill Auger FillerLee 20 L Agitated Kettles
APV Pasteurizer - High Temperature Short TimeLightnin Mixers
Berkel Universal Food CutterRetort - Stock Pilot Roto 900
Brown Pulper/Finisher - Screw & PaddleRheon 207SS, Encrusting Machine
Canadian Liquid Air Zip Cryogenic Batch FreezerRooney Semi-Automatic Vacuum Can Seamer
Crepaco 1200 L Multi Purpose Processing VatProcessing Vessels, Alfa Laval, 200 and 400 L,
Crepaco Model 1HD648 Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers - One Heating, One CoolingSAM-400 L Agitated Kettle
Filter Press, Star SystemSeprotech Reverse Osmosis Membrane Separation System
Funda FilterUrschel Labs 3600 w/ Feed Screw Comitrol Size Reducer
Gaulin M3 HomogenizerVacuum Deaerator, Cornell Versator D-16
Hamilton 80 L KettleWiped Film Evaporator Pfaudler - 4 ft2
Hamilton 200 L KettleWestfalia CA 226 Decanter Centrifuge, Nozzle & Self Desludging
Hamilton 600 L Pressure Kettle


Baxter Rotating Rack Oven
Blakeslee DB-80 QT Mixer
Despatch BPA 2-125, Proofer
Dough Sheeter - Rhondo Ecostar Reversible
Dough Sheeter - Simplex

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