Food Processing Development Centre: Staff

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 Scientists and specialists | Technical and support


Ken GossenExecutive Director, Food and Bio Processing Branch
Wanda AubeeDirector, Food Science and Development Section
Food Processing Development Centre
Dan GrahamDirector, Operations Section
Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator
Marek GierusProcess Operations Manager
Colette JakoProgram Manager
Food Science and Technology Centre
Elizabeth MelnichukFood Safety Manager
Sasa Subasic Facilities Manager

Scientists and Specialists

Craig BansemaFood Scientist - Product Development
Jacky ChanFood Safety Specialist
Nicole GaudetteFood Scientist - Sensory
Jay Han Food Scientist - Crops
Daniel HungFood Safety Specialist
Stuart JohnstonLaboratory Scientist
Mary KwanFood Safety Specialist
Jacqueline Martin LopezFood Scientist - Dairy/Condiments
Zeb Pietrasik Food Scientist - Meat
Glen SacroFood Safety Specialist
Michelle SigvaldsonFood Scientist - Sensory
Troy Sturzenegger Food Scientist - Crops/Bakery
Kevin Swallow Food Scientist - Crops
Arie Vandermeer Food Scientist - Meat
Haihong Wang Food Scientist - Meat
Jimmy Yao Process Engineer

Technical and Support

Mohannad BadawiProcessing Technologist
Milan BozicMaintenance Technologist
Amanda BuchkoProduct/Process Development Technologist
Marie CorriveauTechnologist
Jason EnTechnologist
Ken FahnerResearch Project Coordinator
Reinhard GermannMaintenance Technologist
Christa Goll JamontSection Administrator, Programs
Paul Grey Technologist
Gibson HewlettProcessing Technologist
Wilf HewlettProcessing Technologist
Marius IordacheProcessing Technologist
Judy KohlsmithAdministrative Support
John KwanMaintenance Technologist
Stuart LindsayMaintenance Technologist
Dewi PearceBranch Financial Coordinator
Joanne PhillipsAdministrative Support
Teryle SimpsonAdministrative Support
Philip O. SoladoyeSensory Technologist
Olivia ThompsonProduct/Process Development Technologist
Dindo QuiambaoMaintenance Technologist
Alden WorobecProcessing Technologist

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