Economics of Milk Production (Dairy Cost Study)

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 Economics and Competitiveness
The Economics Section at Alberta Agriculture and Forestry conduct the on-going annual survey of dairy enterprises over the course of one year. This survey is called the Dairy Cost Study. This study tracks the cost and returns information on milk production in Alberta. It is a valuable benchmarking tool for dairy producers as well as other dairy industry partners.

The research is compiled and results are published in The Economics of Milk Production, 2017.

The objectives of this publication are:

    • To provide an annual account of the costs and returns of milk production in Alberta,
    • To provide the participating dairy farmers with a personalized business analysis for use in making profitable management decisions,
    • To provide a benchmark for the evaluation of milk pricing, and
    • To provide economic information for farm management, extension education and service providers.

Additional breakdown of 2017 cost and returns information:

How to Participate in the Dairy Cost Study:

If you are interested to join the Dairy Cost Study or would like more information of what is involved, contact Pauline Van Biert at 780-415-2153 or by e-mail at

Sign-up to Participate (online)

Click here to download a brochure about the study.

Previous Years' Reports:

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