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.What Every Food Processor Should Know About Allergens
.Assess the opportunities and minimize the risks associated with producing allergen and gluten free products.

    A Food Manufacturer's Guide to Allergens and Gluten

    Decide if this is the right opportunity for your business.
    Are you interested in exploring your options further?
    Options Document
    Would you like help deciding where to go from here? Decision Tree
    For more information about supporting documents, contact Kellie Jackson, Development Officer or Jan Futz, Safe Food System Specialist at 310-FARM
    gen Recall - What Can you Afford to Lose?
    Allergen Recalls: What Can You Afford to Lose?

    How do allergen-related food recalls happen and what can you do to minimize the risks to your customers and your business?
    Allergen Testing Options

    You’ve taken the first steps towards developing controls and procedures for managing allergens in your facility but how do you know if they are truly effective? Watch this video to learn why you need to test to detect the presence of uncontrolled allergens in your food manufacturing facility and see which testing options are available and best suited for these purposes.


    See the Food Safety and Animal Welfare Division's home page for food safety information and resources, updates on food safety events, conferences, access relevant food safety legislation, periodicals and newsletters.

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