Bio-Industrial Opportunities: Technical Services

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Technical Services

In the agri-food and forestry industries, waste has often been considered a cost of doing business. Whether it’s food processing or abattoir wastes, manure, pulp mill by-products, crop residue or below-grade oilseeds, these organic materials are typically regarded as a disposal issue and little more.

Look again. Today, inventive people and organizations are creating technologies and processes to transform these resources into power, fuel, plastics, and fertilizer for hydroponically grown food, among other products. Far from being a disposal issue, these resources are now considered valuable feedstocks. The zero-waste future is coming.

These developments are desirable on many levels, but they depend on meeting a complex set of engineering and technical challenges. A host of Alberta companies are now engaged with bio-industrial research, development and commercialization. The Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section Technical Services team is helping many of them move forward.

Unmatched infrastructure. Companies with innovative bio-industrial processes can only work on a lab scale for so long. In order to commercialize, they need to scale up. The Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section offers a suite of facilities, equipment and expertise that no organization in Canada can match. Uniquely in the bio-industrial space, these assets have capacity midway between lab scale and full-scale production. This allows companies the ability to test and improve their proof-of-concepts and processes before committing to scale-up.

The Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section has the following state-of-the-art processing equipment. An experienced, committed team. The Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section Technical Services team offers clients a deep, multi-disciplinary skill set in science, engineering, technology and facility maintenance. This expertise is complemented by many years’ experience in bio-industrial development, working with up-and-coming players and passionately committed to their success.
Learn more. Contact us at or phone (780) 644-8118 for more information on how we’ve helped many companies overcome significant technical challenges to become part of Alberta’s emerging bioeconomy.

Alberta Agriculture & Forestry
Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section
Agri-Food Discovery Place
Building F-83, 6020 – 118 Street
Edmonton Alberta T6G 2E1
Phone: (780) 644-8118

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This information published to the web on August 22, 2014.
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