Bio-Industrial Opportunities: Facilities & Equipment

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Facilities & Equipment

.Click on the images for a detailed equipment list of each process.

Dry Fractionation



Wet Fractionation

Ozonolysis & Hydrogenation


Alberta Agriculture & Forestry
Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section
O.S. Longman Building
4th Floor, 6909 - 116 Street
Edmonton Alberta T6H 4P2
Phone: (780) 644-8118

Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR)

The occupational health and safety Certificate of Recognition (COR) is an exclusive safety accreditation program. COR is the only government-approved safety program in the province. COR is awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet industry standards. Companies that are serious about success are serious about safety.

Agri-Food Discovery Place (AFDP) has had a Certificate of Recognition since 2010. AFDP is a shared facility, therefore the certificate is held jointly by both Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and the University of Alberta.

Download program fact sheet: Operations and Facilities
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