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Program Description

The Statistics and Data Development (SADD) Section is responsible for the following:
  • leads Alberta’s interests under the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Agriculture Statistics Committee, to ensure the proper delivery of Alberta’s agricultural statistics program.
  • develops and maintains comprehensive databases along the agri-food industry value chain.
  • provides agri-food statistical data and information support and services to government, (including the Office of Statistics and Information, Land-Use Framework), Statistics Canada, industry and the public, to aid in decision making, program and policy evaluation and formulation, etc.
  • in partnership with stakeholders, conducts appropriate research and surveys to develop benchmark data and other agri-food industry information.
Key Messages
  • Proactively develop and maintain statistical data and information on Alberta’s agri-food industry.
  • Provide data and information support to government (including the Office of Statistics and Information), industry and other stakeholders, in response to issues and challenges facing the agri-food sector.
  • In partnership with stakeholders, develop statistical data and information along the agri-food value chain.
  • Add value to statistics through analysis and deliver appropriate products and services to meet clients’ needs.
Examples of initiatives:
  • Partner with Statistics Canada to develop appropriate statistics on Alberta's Agri-Food industry (e.g. farm cash receipts, farm operating expenses, farm income, livestock inventories and crop production).
  • Develop and disseminate appropriate reports for Alberta based on the Census of Agriculture.
  • Provide data and information support and expertise for Ministry projects and initiatives.
  • Partner with other AF Sections and industry to coordinate and conduct appropriate surveys.
  • Develop and disseminate statistical data, information and analysis in support of Agri-Food trade.
  • Develop and disseminate information on Alberta's food and beverage industries, including value of manufacturing sales, employment, and investment.
  • Alberta Crop Report: In partnership with AFSC and Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen, weekly reports are prepared to capture timely information relating to crop production in Alberta by region during the crop season. The reports are available from May to October of each calendar year.

The Statistics and Data Development Section provides its products and services to a broad range of clients including:
  • AF Ministry and staff
  • Other governments (federal, provincial, municipal)
  • Industry
  • Producers
  • Agri-businesses
  • Academic institutions and libraries
  • General public
Contact Information

The main contact phone number for the Statistics and Data Development Section is 780-427-4011
NameTitlePhoneArea of Responsibility
Reynold Jaipaul
Director780-427-5376· Section Management/Administration
· Farm Income
Roy Larsen
Senior Statistician780-644-1308· Farm Structure/Financial Statistics
· Farm Income
· Surveys (AIMS/Custom Rates)
· Agriculture Statistics Yearbook
· Agriculture Statistics Factsheet
Marian Elson
Administrative Support and Data Processor780-422-2961· Statistical database maintenance
· Processing invoices
· Budgeting
· Supplies procurement
· Data Collection
John Paul Emunu
Livestock Statistician780-427-4243· Livestock Statistics
· Beekeeping Survey
· Crops/Livestock Weekly
· Retail Food Prices
· Nutritious Food Basket
Austin Leitch
Research Assistant780-427-9206· Agri-Food Trade Statistics Data Support
· Census of Agriculture
· Agriculture Facts
Guangzhi Liu
Senior Business and Research Analyst780-422-4430· Real Estate
· Database Management
· GIS Mapping
Ashan Shooshtarian
Crop Statistician780-422-2887· Crop Statistics
· Crop Reporting
· Crop Surveys
· Custom Rates
Melodie Mynzak
Financial and Research Assistant780-422-3943· Surveys
· Data Collection
· Budget and Contracts
Barb Pekalski
Trade Research Statistician780-427-5386· Agri-Food Trade Statistics (Alberta/Canada/World)
· Trade reports on selected products
· Trends in Alberta agri-food exports
Jean Marie Uwizeyimana
Agri-Food Statistician780-422-3099· Food Statistics
· Macro Economic Indicators


Where to Get Publications/Information
Alberta Agriculture Statistics Yearbook
Agriculture Statistics Fact Sheet (Pamphlet)
Agri-Food Statistics Update
Agricultural Real Estate Values in Alberta
Census of Agriculture
Alberta Municipality Profiles - 2001 Census of Agriculture
Alberta Municipality Profiles - 2006 Census of Agriculture
2001 Census of Agriculture for Alberta, I.D., M.D. and County Data by Region
2006 Census of Agriculture for Alberta, I.D., M.D. and County Data by Region
2011 Census of Agriculture for Alberta, I.D., M.D. and County Data by Region
2006 Census of Agriculture - Provincial Highlights
2011 Census of Agriculture - Provincial Highlights
Alberta Agri-Food Exports 2005 to 2015
Weekly Crop Market Review
Livestock and Honey
Livestock Slaughter Summary
Phone: 780-427-4011
Number of Cattle and Calves on Farms in Alberta (January and July)
Number of Pigs on Farms in Alberta
Number of Sheep and Lambs on Farms in Alberta
Production and Value of Honey in Alberta and Canada
Weekly Livestock Market Review
Survey Reports
Alberta Farm Input Prices (AIMS) Survey Results
Edmonton Nutritious Food Basket Survey Results
Alberta Crop Reporting Survey Results (May to December)
Alberta Specialty Crop Survey Results
Greenfeed and Silage Production Survey Results
Alberta Beekeepers’ Survey Results
Alberta Custom Rates Survey Results
Crop and Pastureland Lease and Rental
Field Operations (Spring Report)
Field Operations (Fall Report)
Hay and Silage Making Operations
Grain Harvesting Operations
Livestock Operations

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