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The Green Certificate Program

The Green Certificate Program is an industry driven agricultural training program. Its apprenticeship style of delivery ensures that participants learn through actively performing the skills required.

This means learning, hands-on, out in the barn, field or corral and getting dirty. It also means having a trainer who is knowledgeable and interested in the trainee's success.

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  • The Green Certificate Program has created a new information management tool. GINA, the Green Certificate Information Network Application, is an interactive online administrative and communication information system that will enhance your Green Certificate experience.
    The Green Certificate Program annual program registration has tripled in growth over the last 10 years. To meet this demand, Green Certificate must increase efficiency to ensure we can accommodate the rise in registrations. 
    The vision of GINA is to improve all levels of service, ensure consistency across the province in administrative processes, and to improve the program’s ability to communicate complete and accurate information to all program participants and stakeholders in a timely manner.
GINA ( Green Certificate Information Network Application)


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