Green Certificate Program Working Policies and Procedures

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 Table of Contents

Glossary of Terms

1.01 GC Registration Policy
1.02 GC Induction Policy
1.03 GC Re-enrollment Policy

Training and Testing
2.01 GC Basic Trainee Requirements Policy
2.02 GC Training Duration Policy
2.03 GC Off- Farm Training Policy
2.05 GC Testing Policy
2.06 GC Failure to Test Policy
2.07 GC Re-Testing Policy

Withdrawal and Removal
3.01 GC Withdrawl Policy
3.02 GC Removal Policy

Crisis Management
4.01GC Critical Response Policy
4.02 GC Complaints and Grievances
4.03 GC Communication Policy

5.01 GC Invoice & Fees
5.02 GC Refund Policy
5.03 GC Worker’s Compensation Policy (currently being worked on)
5.04 GC Program Policy
5.05 GC Protection of Privacy Policy
5.06 GC Revising and Reviewing Policies

6.01 GC and 4- H Policy

7.01 GC Resource Creation and Review Policy

Curricula Schedule Review
Testing Rubric

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