Agriculture Statistics Yearbook 2008

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Economics and Competitiveness Division; Statistics and Data Development Branch

Census Division Map.
Year in Review, 2008.
Value of Alberta Agricultural Production, 2003-2008
Number of Farms in Alberta by Census Division

The Agriculture Statistics Yearbook is compiled by the Statistics and Data Development Section of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to serve as a reference document and a principal source of information for users of statistics on the Alberta agri-food industry. The dynamic trends occurring in the primary agricultural industry and the food and beverage processing sector are presented in the Yearbook's statistical tables and charts, to provide both a current and historical perspective. For purposes of comparison, a number of tables and charts provide information for Canada and other provinces, in addition to Alberta.

Individual sections of the Yearbook present information on identifiable industry sectors such as crops, livestock and food and beverages, and industry measures and indicators such as farm income, agri-food exports and economic indicators. Together, the sections constitute a reliable representation of the performance of Alberta's agri-food industry. Featured topics of major significance and importance to the agri-food industry include farm cash receipts, net farm income, input costs, population, gross domestic product, employment, investment expenditures, food expenditures, food and beverage processing activity measures, commodity prices, exports of primary commodities and value added processed products, production and inventory of livestock, and crop estimates (production and acreage).

Statistical tables are presented on a calendar year basis, unless otherwise specified. Tables and charts have been updated to include data for the 2008 reference year, where available. Data were compiled from a variety of sources, with the majority produced by the Agriculture Division of Statistics Canada in collaboration with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, as well as other federal and provincial departments and agencies who provided data for inclusion in this publication. Special appreciation is extended to all agricultural producers and processors who responded to our surveys or supplied other information to surveys conducted by Statistics Canada.

Inquiries regarding any of the topics presented in the Yearbook may be directed to:
Farm IncomeReynold Jaipaul,
Branch Head
Farm Income, Retail Prices, Custom Rates, Agricultural Input Monitoring System (AIMS)Roy Larsen,
Senior Statistician
Economic Indicators, Food StatisticsAnn Stankiewicz, Agri-Food Statistician780-422-3099
Agri-Food ExportsBarbara Pekalski,
Trade Research Statistician
CropsChuanliang Su,
Crop Statistician
Livestock, Dairy, Poultry, BeekeepingJohn Paul Emunu, Livestock Statistician
Agriculture Real Estate ValuesGuangzhi Liu,
Senior Business and Research Analyst
Census of AgricultureMarion Harry,
Research Assistant
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has produced the Yearbook since the early 1970's as a service to government, policy makers, agri-businesses, farm organizations, market researchers, academic institutions and the agricultural community at large.  We hope you find this edition informative and useful.  Also, any comments or suggestions regarding the Yearbook would be greatly appreciated.
Note: Data presented in the Yearbook were current as of July, 2009. Users are advised that components of some statistical tables may not add up to their totals due to rounding.
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Economics and Competitiveness Branch
Statistics and Data Development Section
J. G. O'Donoghue Building
#300, 7000 -113 Street
Edmonton, Alberta CANADA T6H 5T6
Telephone: 780-644-1308   Fax: 780-427-5220

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