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 Welcome to the Alberta Soil Information Centre (ASIC). ASIC provides soil information in the form of digital files, published maps, and reports. It also includes the Alberta Soil Information Viewer.
Alberta Soil Information Viewer

The Alberta Soil Information Viewer allows you to view and query soils information within the Agricultural Region of Alberta. The viewer incorporates landscape images, ortho photographs and cadastrals (e.g. township grid, roads, etc...) with Geographical Information System (GIS) data and user-friendly soil landscape descriptions.

Agricultural Region of Alberta Soil Inventory Database

AGRASID provides extensive soil information for the 26 million hectares that make up the agricultural land in Alberta. It is a compilation and update of the soil survey reports, including maps gathered over the past 75 years.

Soil Reports and Maps

Soil information in the form of maps and reports is available for much of the province.

Soil Survey Reports by Map
Soil Survey Reports by Report Number

Soil Resource Information

A range of soils information on problem soils, soil management, etc can be found under the Information menu and sub-menu items such as Soil/Water/Air or Crops.
Some soil resource inventory specific items are listed here:

Agricultural Land Resource Atlas of Alberta
Alberta Landforms
Land Suitability Rating System Modifications to Accommodate Additional Crops 2007
Salinity Maps of Selected Counties
Soil Group Map of Alberta
Soil Names File User's Handbook and SCA Map
Soil Quality Benchmark Site Study - Site Description Reports

Soil Variability Analysis to Enhance Crop Production

The Alberta Soil Information Viewer is a collaboration between Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Alberta Agriculture, and Forestry.

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