Soil Survey Reports by Report Number

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Earth Science Reports
ESR 80-04Soil Survey of Cypress Hills, Alberta and interpretation for recreational use
ESR 80-05Soil Survey of designated areas within Kanaskis Provincial Park and interpretation for recreational use
ESR 81-01Guidebook for use with soil survey reports of Alberta provincial parks and recreation areas
ESR 87-01Soil sensitivity to acid deposition and the potential of soils and geology in Alberta to reduce the acidity of acidic inputs
ESR 88-01Soil Survey of Saskatoon Island Provincial Park and interpretation for recreation use
Exploratory Reports
EXP 58 - 1Exploratory soil survey of Alberta map sheets 84C (east half), 84B, 84A and 74D
EXP 59 - 1Exploratory soil survey of Alberta map sheets 84D (north half), 84E, 84F and 84G
EXP 60 - 1Exploratory soil survey of Alberta map sheets 84J, 84K, and 84L
EXP 61 - 1Exploratory soil survey of Alberta map sheets 84M, 84N, and 84O
EXP 62 - 1Exploratory soil survey of Alberta map sheets 84P, 84I, and 84H
EXP 63 - 1Exploratory soil survey of Alberta map sheets 74M, 74L, 74E and 73L (north half)
EXP 64 - 1Exploratory soil survey of Alberta map sheets 83O, 83P, and 73M
EXP 64 - 2Exploratory soil survey of Alberta map sheets 83L, 83K, 83F and 83J
Miscellaneous Reports (Under Construction)
MSC 01Water supplying capacity of Alberta soils
MSC 02Description of agricultural production in Alberta using an integrated land resource and land use database (CRITCALE - 1981)
MSC 03Photographs and descriptions of some Canadian soils
MSC 04Detailed soil survey of the Mount Revelstoke Summit area
MSC 05Biophysical (ecological) inventory of Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada
MSC 06Water erosion potential of soils in Alberta: Estimated using a modified USLE
MSC 07Soils of the Fort McMurray Region, Alberta (Townships 88, 89 & Ranges 8 - 11 West of the 4th)
Soil Maps
SM 01Agroecological Resource Areas of Alberta
SM 02Solonetzic soils of Alberta (Under Construction)
SM 03Physiographic subdivisions of Alberta
SM 10 - 13Soil map: Medicine Hat 72L NW, NE, SW, & SE
SM 14 - 15Soil map: Lethbridge area 82H NE, & NW
Soil Survey Reports
SS 01Soil Survey of MacLeod sheet
SS 02Soil Survey of Medicine Hat sheet
SS 03Soil Survey of Sounding Creek sheet
SS 04Soil Survey of St. Ann sheet
SS 05Preliminary soil survey adjacent to the Peace River Alberta west of Dunvegan
SS 06Preliminary Soil Survey of the Peace River-High Prairie-Sturgeon Lake Area
SS 07Soil Survey of Rainy Hills sheet
SS 08Soil Survey of Sullivan Lake sheet
SS 09Soil Survey of Lethbridge and Pincher Creek sheets
SS 10Soil Survey of Milk River sheet
SS 11Soil Survey of Blackfoot and Calgary sheets
SS 12Soil Survey of Rosebud and Banff sheets
SS 13Soil Survey of Wainwright and Vermilion sheets
SS 14Soil Survey of Peace Hills sheets
SS 15Soil Survey of the Rycroft and Watino sheets
SS 16Soil Survey of the Red Deer sheet
SS 17Reconnaissance soil survey of the High Prairie and McLennan sheets.
SS 18Reconnaissance soil survey of the Grande Prairie and Sturgeon Lake sheets.
SS 19Soil survey of Rocky Mountain House sheet.
SS 20Reconnaissance soil survey of the Beaverlodge and Blueberry Mountain
SS 21Soil survey of the Edmonton sheet. (83H).
SS 22Soil survey of eastern portion of St. Mary and Milk Rivers development irrigation project.
SS 23Reconnaissance soil survey of the Cherry Point and Hines Creek area.
SS 24Reconnaissance soil survey of the Buck Lake and Wabaman Lake areas.
SS 25Reconnaissance soil survey of the Grimshaw and Notikewin area.
SS 26Reconnaissance soil survey of the Hotchkiss and Keg River area.
SS 27Soil survey of the Whitecourt and Barrhead area.
SS 28Reconnaissance soil survey of the Chip Lake area.
SS 29Reconnaissance soil survey of the Tawatinaw map sheet. (83I).
SS 30Reconnaissance soil survey of the Mount Watt and Fort Vermilion area.
SS 31Soil survey and land evaluation of the Hinton - Edson area, Alberta.
SS 31ALand classification and soils in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta along the North Saskatchewan River Valley.
SS 33Soils of the Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.
SS 34Reconnaissance soil survey of the Sand River Area. (73L).
SS 35Soil survey of the County of Two Hills No. 21, Alberta.
SS 36Reconnaissance soil survey of the Oyen map sheet. (72M).
SS 37Soil survey of Yoho National Park, Canada
SS 38Soil survey of the Elk Island National Park, Alberta.
SS 39Soil survey and interpretations of the Wapiti map area, Alberta.
SS 40Reconnaissance soil survey of the Brazeau Dam area.
SS 41Soil survey of the County of Newell, Alberta.
SS 42Soils inventory of the Alberta Oil Sands environmental research program study area. AOSERP Report 122.
SS 43Reconnaissance soil survey of the Iosegun Lake area, Alberta
SS 44Ecological (Biophysical) Land Classification of Banff and Jasper National Parks
SS 45Soil survey of the Calgary urban perimeter.
SS 46Soil survey of the County of Warner, Alberta.
SS 47Soil survey of the County of Beaver, Alberta.
SS 48Soil survey of the Municipal District of Cardston (M.D. No. 6), Alberta.
SS 49Soil survey of the County of Paintearth, Alberta.
SS 50Soil survey of the Pincher Creek - Crowsnest Pass area, Alberta.
SS 51Soil survey of the County of Flagstaff, Alberta.
SS 52Soil survey of the County of St. Paul, Alberta.
SS 53Soil survey of the Municipal District of Rocky View No. 44 Alberta.
SS 54Soil survey of the County of Forty Mile No. 8, Alberta.
SS 55Soils of the Gleichen area, 82I-SW
SS 56Soils of the Gleichen area, 82I-SE
SS 57AGRASID - Agricultural Region of Alberta Soil Inventory Database
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