Alberta Soil Names File (Generation 4) User's Handbook and Soil Correlation Area (SCA) Map of Alberta

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 The Alberta Soil Names File (Generation 4) User’s Handbook reflects the need for consistent characterization of soil types and the establishment of limits to the geographical distribution of each soil type name (soil name) within Alberta. The Generation 4 version of the User’s Handbook updates the 2006 (Generation 3) edition by incorporating new soil names created since the release of the 2006 edition and modifications that have been made to some soil correlation areas boundaries. This new Handbook includes:
Current (2016) version of the Soil Correlation Area (SCA) Map of Alberta illustrating the boundaries that define the geographic distribution of the soil names associated with each SCA. The SCA Map is also available in a “stand-alone” downloadable version.

SCA Map Legend including correlation with national and provincial ecological stratification and agroclimate.

Summary tables of soil names – including major soil name attributes and descriptive notes, for each Soil Correlation Area.

Appendix that includes correlation tables of soil names identified by the soil classification (subgroup level) and parent material type as well as code descriptions for the Soil Names File.


Alberta Soil Names File (Generation 4) User’s Handbook (PDF Report 3,798kb)
Soil Correlation Area (SCA) Map of Alberta (PDF Map 1531kb)
Individual SCA Areas in individual Compressed Keyhole Markup Language formatted files (KMZ 152 kb)
All SCA Areas in one ESRI shape layer completed with metadata xml file (435 kb).
Resource Contact: Michael Bock

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