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The Farmers' Advocate Office (FAO) was originally established by Alberta Agriculture in 1973 to be a resource for Albertan farmers and ranchers. Today, the FAO continues to serve rural Albertans through:

Energy, Utilities, and Surface Rights
The FAO is a resource for farmers and ranchers who are affected by energy and utility developments. The FAO helps empower Alberta landowners with knowledge by providing information and advice on legislation and policy, and landowner rights and responsibilities. When disputes arise between landowners and industry, the FAO can assist with mediation and dispute resolution services. We also manage the Well Water Restoration or Replacement Program under this section.

Rural Disputes
Farmers and ranchers who experience conflicts with other individuals, government, or agri-businesses may contact the FAO to help resolve the dispute. The FAO has mediated on a broad range of issues in the past. We will not intervene if legal counsel is involved. The following programs are managed under this section:
  • Nuisance Complaints under Part 1 of the Agricultural Operation Practices Act.
  • Review of Agricultural Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) Agri-Insurance and Agri-Stability Decisions

Farm Implement Act
The Farm Implement Act and Farm Implement Dealerships Act were created to help protect the investment that farmers make in their machinery. FAO staff, the Farm Implement Inspector, and Farm Implement Board help farmers by settling warranty complaints, mediating disputes, and providing assistance in situations where machinery does not perform or lease/sale agreements are breached. The FAO also handles licensing for all Alberta farm implement dealers and distributors.

The FAO helps bridge the gap between rural Alberta and the provincial government, bringing the concerns of rural landowners to decision-makers, and advocating for legislative and policy change on behalf of the rural community.

The mission of the Farmers' Advocate Office (FAO) is to create value for rural Albertans and our stakeholders by:

  • empowering rural Albertans through awareness on key issues;
  • providing objective, unbiased ideas and advice for resolving disputes;
  • representing the rural Alberta perspective on matters of concern;
  • and facilitating interaction on strategic matters among key stakeholders.

Staff at the FAO
Farmers' Advocate of Alberta: Peter Dobbie
Assistant Farmers' Advocate: Janet Patriquin
Energy, Utilities, and Policy Specialist: Michele Del Colle
Rural Engagement Specialist: Anna Kauffman
Farm Implement Inspector Administration & Inquiries: Janet Patriquin
Appeals & Hearings Coordinator: Brenda Tangen
Administrative Coordinator: Roseline Soparlo

Disclaimer: Information found on this website is intended to be for information purposes and should be used as a guideline only. Any discrepancies should be forwarded to the direct agency that holds the jurisdiction.

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