Farmers' Advocate Office: Rural Disputes

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 Farmers and ranchers who experience conflicts with government or other agri-business owners may contact the FAO to help resolve the dispute. The FAO has mediated on a broad range of issues in the past, but we will not intervene if legal counsel is involved. Staff from the FAO have taken training with the ADR Institute of Alberta and the Foundation for Tribunal Administrative Justice.

Agricultural Operation Practices Act (Part 1 - Nuisance)
Under Part 1 of the Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA), an appointed panel can review complaints related to agricultural odour, dust, noise, and smoke. The practices and procedures of the appointed are available here. For more general information on AOPA, please review the Agricultural Operation Practices Act Reference Guide.

Review of Crop Insurance Appeal
Upon request, the FAO will conduct appeals for Agricultural Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) on disputed crop insurance claims.

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