What are the Functions of the Irrigation Council?

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  • The powers and duties of Council are outlined in Section 51 of the Irrigation Districts Act and include:
    • Making recommendations to the Minister respecting any matter under the Act,
    • Monitoring the operation and financial performance of the thirteen irrigation districts
    • Granting approval for irrigation districts to expend money under a cost-sharing agreement between the district and the Government of Alberta
    • Acting as an appeal body for matters specified in the Act
  • Irrigation Council:
    • Reviews the Audited Financial Statements for each irrigation district for the use of sound management practices
    • Encourages the development and implementation of viable economic and technical plans for the long-term sustainability of irrigation districts and their infrastructure
    • Establishes policies and procedures to ensure accountability of the public’s ongoing investment in the Irrigation Rehabilitation Program (IRP), a multi-million dollar provincial cost-shared program with the irrigation districts
    • Approves irrigation district applications to participate in the IRP
    • Approves irrigation district rehabilitation projects to be built with IRP funds
    • Audits IRP projects to ensure the irrigation district is performing adequate maintenance to maximize the life of the infrastructure
    • Supports the resolution and mediation of matters under appeal
    • Conducts appeal hearings and renders decisions as required under the Act
    • Maintains the "Standards for the Classification of Land for Irrigation in the Province of Alberta"
    • Meets with the board of directors of each irrigation district on an annual basis to share information

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