Irrigation Council - Position Profile

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The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry selects qualified Albertans to serve as public members of Irrigation Council.

Role Description
  • Monitor the operation and financial performance of the 13 Irrigation Districts;
  • Conduct hearings when required to do so under Part 4 of the Irrigation Districts Act (the Act);
  • Hear applications under Section 38(2) or (3) of the Act;
  • Hear the appeal of any matter appealed to the Council under Part 8 of the Act;
  • Grant approval to irrigation districts before an expenditure of money is made under a cost-sharing agreement between a district and the Government of Alberta; and
  • Members are appointed for three year terms and are eligible for reappointment.
About the Agency
  • The Council's mandate is to:
    • Make recommendations to the Minister on issues related to maintaining a strong, efficient and sustainable irrigation industry and act as an appeal body in accordance with the |Act;
    • Establish policies and procedures for the administration of the Irrigation Rehabilitation Program, to ensure accountability for the public's ongoing investment of funding to rehabilitate irrigation district infrastructure;
    • Make recommendations to the Minister on issues related to rural water development in support of economic and rural viability within areas that can be served by irrigation districts, and
    • Provide policy recommendations to the Minister pertaining to water allocated to irrigation districts with respect to economic and rural development, municipal demands and the protection of the environment.
  • The Council consists of a maximum of seven members.
  • Irrigation Council is established under Section 50 of the Act which is administered by Agriculture and Forestry.
Agency Classification
  • Irrigation Council is governed by the Alberta Public Agency Governance Act.
  • Irrigation Council is an adjudicative agency.
Skills & Experience
  • Experience
    • Governance - professional or volunteer experience or knowledge related to board governance and processes, including quasi-judicial bodies is preferred. Board governance training and administrative justice training are desirable.
    • Business/management - Experience working on and leading committees, and experience in policy and procedure development is desirable.
    • Accounting/Financial - Understanding of financial statements is desirable.
  • Personal Effectiveness Skills
    • Leadership/Teamwork.
    • Consensus Building.
    • Communication/Relationship - able to communicate effectively and build relationships with Council members and industry stakeholders.
    • Strategic Thinking - able to strategically assess opportunities and challenges facing the irrigation industry.
    • Critical Thinking/Decision Making - able to creatively assess situations and generate novel or innovative solutions.
    • Ethics and Personal Values - high standard of personal values (e.g. good judgement, strong integrity and fairness) that align with the Irrigation Council's Code of Conduct.
Specialized Knowledge and Experience
  • Agriculture and Rural Development knowledge - irrigated agriculture in Alberta and its importance in economic, social and environmental aspects of rural development.
  • Irrigation Industry and Irrigation Districts operations - irrigation industry in Alberta and the operations of Irrigation Districts. Familiarity with the construction and rehabilitation aspects of irrigation district infrastructure is desirable.
Remuneration, Time Commitment and Meeting Location
  • For time spent on the business of the Council, a member appointed to the Council shall be paid
    • $115 for up to and including four hours in any day, or
    • $191 for over four hours and up to and including eight hours in any day, or
    • $306 for over eight hours in any day
  • The remuneration of members appointed to the Council will be set in accordance with Schedule 1 Part B of the Committee Remuneration Order (OC 466/2007), as amended from time to time.
  • Approximately six one-day Council meetings are held per year in Lethbridge.
  • As the Appeal body under the Act, Council member panels conduct appeal hearings as required.
  • There are approximately three days of tours/meetings annually with the irrigation districts in rural southern Alberta.
  • Throughout the year various workshops, conferences and or annual general meetings may require Council's attendance.
Additional Notes
  • Geographic location - represents an area of the irrigated region of Alberta that brings diversity to Council.
Additional information on Irrigation Council membership can be obtained from:

Irrigation Secretariat
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Room #328, Provincial Building
200 – 5 Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB T1J 4L1
Phone: 403-381-5176

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