Certification Test Scheduling

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 As the Green Certificate trainee progresses through training, he or she will be required to attend a certification test that corresponds with the three distinct training periods. The regional coordinator will contact the school representative when the next certification-testing event is being arranged. In general, certification tests take place in fall, winter and late spring.

The regional coordinator will ask the school representative to contact those students registered in Green Certificate and determine who is ready to attend the next certification test period. The school representative will then confirm with the regional coordinator which students will be testing. The regional coordinator, in turn, will notify the school representative of each student's scheduled test time. It is up to the school representative to ensure that the trainees know the date, time and location of their certification test. Most certification tests take place during the week; therefore, the student will be absent from regular school attendance to attend the certification test.

The school representative is strongly encouraged to join students at the certification test site. The school representative can meet the regional coordinator and discuss any concerns and successes of the program as it operates in their school, view the certification testing and have an opportunity to speak with the testers.

If any Green Certificate student is unable to attend a scheduled test time, it is extremely important to let the regional coordinator know. Certification tests are not easily scheduled with over 800 trainees across the province and over 200 producers involved as testers. If a student cannot attend, for whatever reason, it is imperative that the regional coordinator be informed at least 24 hours in advance.

After the trainee attends a certification test, he or she will have one of two results.

1. Pass - The trainee returns from the certification test with a passing grade and a mark. The Green Certificate student is given two copies of the test report form to be given to: one, the school representative and two, a copy for themselves. Once the school representative receives the certification test report they can begin the student's evaluation. It is recommended that the certification mark account for 70% of the Green Certificate grade for the training period. The school representative accumulates the remaining 30% through further assessment with the trainee and trainer. The school representative then submits the final grade for the Green Certificate training period and corresponding course codes to Alberta Learning.

2. Incomplete - The Green Certificate student returns from the certification test with no mark and guidance for further training needed. The student returns with a copy of the test report and an incomplete certification test feedback form. No mark is given to the student as he or she is asked to do further training and skill enhancement before the next available test session.

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