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 Alberta Education's Off Campus Education Policy states that the assessment of the student’s progress and performance is an on-going process. As such, the school representative should regularly ask the trainer to provide feedback on the student’s progress.

The assessment process includes the following components:

  • Assessment by the trainer is on-going. It is based upon the student’s attendance, performance and attainment of the learning outcomes as specified in the Green Certificate curriculum. The trainer will be expected to share his/her assessment with the school representative during their regular visitations to the training site.
  • Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s examination, which is done through a Green Certificate tester, assesses the student’s knowledge and skills. There will be three of these examinations per specialization: one at the end of each training period.

Students participating in the Green Certificate Program have an opportunity to earn high school credits. The marks upon which these credits are based are determined by the school representative. The Green Certificate Program suggests that grading be determined as follows:
70%Certification Test Results
10%Farmer-Trainer Evaluation
10%School Representative's Evaluation
10%Trainee Self Evaluation
It is important that all parties be fair and reasonable in deciding what mark to submit. Please have each of the respective parties complete the following evaluation and submit them to the Green Certificate school representative prior to the next certification test. In each respective section, the evaluator is to place a mark on the line that they feel the student fairly and reasonably earned during the training period. Then a specific two-digit number is to be entered after the mark. E.g., If you marked between a 5 & 6 on the line then enter 55%.

Once the student's mark has been established, it is then converted from Green Certificate training periods into Alberta Education's course codes. Each school representative is responsible for submitting the course codes and determined grade to Alberta Education for each student.

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