Getting the Most from Nutrient Management Workshop

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This Week
  • Maximizing Agronomic Benefits and Minimizing Environmental Threat from Applied Nutrients in Western Canada: It Is Possible! - Dr. Jeff Schoenau - Professor of Soil Science and SMA Chair, Department of Soil Science, University of Saskatchewan (Presentation)

Soil Health
  • Soil Health: A Definition - Newton Lupwayi - Research Scientist in Soil Microbiology, Lethbridge Research Centre (Presentation)
  • Does Your Soil Have What it Takes? - Adriana Navarro Borrell - Instructor, Agriculture Sciences at Lethbridge College (Presentation)
  • Assessing Soil Health in Alberta - Yamily Zavala - Soil Health and Crop Management Specialist, Chinook Applied Research Association

Sampling for Soil Nutrients
  • Sampling for Soil Nutrients - Eric Bremer - Soil Scientist for Western Ag Innovations (Presentation)
  • Demystifying Laboratory Analysis and Nutrient Recommendations - Len Kryzanowski - Director, Environmental Strategy and Research Section (Presentation)
  • Understanding in Interpreting Soil Test Reports - Ross Mckenzie - Retired Agronomy Research Scientist (Presentation)

Manure and Compost
  • What’s the Scoop - Francis Larney - Research Scientist in Soil Conservation, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (Presentation)
  • Compost for the Farm - Harold Perry (Presentation)
  • Assessing and Predicting the Availability of Nutrients in Manure - Dr. Jeff Schoenau - Professor of Soil Science and SMA Chair, Department of Soil Science, University of Saskatchewan; (Presentation)

Environment Nutrient Loss and Capture
  • Non-Legume Cover Crops Can Increase Non-Growing Season Nitrous Oxide Emissions - Ben Thomas - Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Nutrient Management at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (Presentation)
  • Using Aerobic Bioreactors to Improve Nutrient Management in Agriculture and Aquaculture - Nick Savidov - Senior Research Scientist, Aquaponics Program at Lethbridge College (Presentation)
  • Nutrient Management and Water Quality: Striving from Practical Solutions - Barry Olson - Research Scientist with Agriculture and Forestry in the irrigation and Farm Water Branch (Presentation)

Precision Agriculture
  • Remote Sensing Contributions in Precision Agriculture - Craig Coburn - Remote Sensing Scientist (Presentation)
  • Field Characteristics of Soil Physical Properties - Willemijn Appels - Mueller Applied Research Chair in Irrigation Science at Lethbridge College
  • 4-R Nutrient Management Stewardship and Sustainable Soil Management - Jack Payne - Western Prairies Regional Agronomist with Farmers Edge (Presentation)

Alternate Nutrient Management Strategies
  • Potential for Cover Crops to Manage Nutrients - Rob Dunn - FarmWise Inc (Presentation)
  • Fertigation for Nitrogen in Southern Alberta - Doon Pauly - Agronomy Research Scientist (Presentation)
  • Organic Agriculture - Howard Lieffer
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