Managing Information/Genomics for Profit Tour -- Presentations

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 Beef producers from around Southern Alberta gathered on August 26, 2015 to learn about new technologies and tools to improve long term profitability in the beef industry.
Presenters spoke of their experiences and shared their knowledge as they manage genomic information within their individual herds, both the positive stories and the challenges. Producer presenters represented most sectors of the beef industry including, purebred and commercial cow/calf as well as feedlot operations.

Discovering the information cattle hide under their hide through DNA testing has provided these beef producers with tools to move their herds in a positive direction. All the while, these presenters are keeping an eye on the bottom line and the ranch’s/feedlot’s profitability.
  • AgriClear
    Utilizing AgriClear to market your cattle on your terms. Brent Diffley
  • bioTrack
    bioTrack helps you to manage your data on the farm and connect your story to your product.
  • Genetic Selection in Practice
    What information can you get out of a cattle DNA test? LOTS! – genomics can increase the accuracy of EPDs/EBVs, especially for younger breeding stock, identify parentage, identify a genetic defect and the list goes on. This presentation provides you with a quick overview of how you can utilize genomics to more accurately direct your herd’s goals to the target you are aiming at. Tom Lynch-Staunton and Jim Lynch-Staunton
  • Real Time Animal Movement
    This Growing Forward2 project located in Southwestern Alberta is described in this presentation. Using specialized ARFID tags and towers, the movement of the animals is seen on a “real time” basis. The technology has the capability to identify when cattle are “out”, animals are sick, rustling, etc. Bradley Smith
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