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Who We Are

Safe Food Section (SFS) includes a team of experts who are passionate about working with the Alberta agriculture community to provide a solid framework for building strong food safety programs.
This section leads food safety policy development, including regulatory review and renewal. We also provide extension activities that enhance processing and production systems related to food safety, while enhancing market access and consumer confidence.
SFS works with stakeholders such as industry, agencies and other government departments to develop and maintain a preventative approach to food safety hazards.

We work closely with Meat Inspection Section, which has the legislative responsibilities related to food safety.

Organizational Chart

What We Do

Our goals are accomplished through the following activities:
  • Policy development - We work with stakeholders to continually evaluate and improve policy, and support food safety legislation. Because there are many government departments, agencies and organizations that either use or depend on policy and legislation, we collaborate to ensure we achieve food safety goals in a system that works well for industry.
  • Extension - We provide the agri-food industry with information, coaching and resources on food safety. Our experts create technical materials and are available to answer questions by phone or email.
  • Funding - We administer a number of federal Growing Forward funding programs to help farmers and food processors improve food safety. The funding can support the adoption of formal food safety systems, or pay for specialized equipment that increases food safety.
  • Advocacy - We work hard to ensure that food safety is taken into consideration in program areas, and work with our colleagues in other jurisdictions to promote the importance of food safety. We also attend industry events, where we provide promotional materials, speakers and advice.
  • Response - If we were to experience a food safety issue, we follow a formal process developed together with our partners to investigate and address the problem. Public health is the primary consideration, but we recognize that any business experiencing a food safety issue requires information, support and advice in order to respond and recover as quickly as possible.
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